Executive Meditation: Meditation and the management of demands to achieve excellence

(Video in Spanish) Within the framework of the radio program “Camí a l’Éxit” by Imma Arias and from the Bcn Media Hub studios. Josep M addresses the challenge of demand and excellence. Many people believe in self-demand and sometimes extreme demands to achieve excellence. Is meditation the way? How do we overcome challenges and achieve our goals? A real challenge that involves defining what excellence is and why it is needed. Josep M answers precisely the questions of Why do we need excellence? Do we need to be demanding to achieve excellence? From demand to excellence? Does Excellence and demand generate stress for us? Because? In society we have challenges (for example, work) that require us to be demanding and have a degree of competitive excellence… Will Artificial Intelligence make us be even more self-demanding? What role will meditation play in improving excellence and managing demand? A journey through all these topics. A fundamental interview!

Executive Meditation: Meditation – your source of power

(Video in Catalan) Within the framework of the “Vic Magazine” the popularizer A clarifying interview on concepts and areas of improvement. Also details about a journey through questions of how the Executive Meditation initiative was developed, the difference between advanced meditation and other forms of meditation, the benefits of meditation, how people can be helped to introduce meditation. his life… an interview with many revealing details. (unmissable!)

Meditation – Interview TV “La Xarxa” – Program “Fet a mida”

(Video in Catalan) La Xarxa TV – “Fet a Mida” program (LaXarxa.cat)
Meditation: a fantastic TV interview to learn about meditation and its benefits in everyday life. Meditation is a practice that allows us to focus, relax and connect with the present moment. Regular meditation practice has been shown to have positive effects on physical and emotional health. To talk about it, we are joined by the psychologist and UAB professor Jenny Moix and the founder of Executive Meditation, Josep Maria Clopés.

Neurophysiology of Meditation

(Catalan Language) Within the framework of the illustrious Col·legi de Oficial Metges de Barcelona and presented by the eminent Dr. D. Manuel Sans Segarra, Josep M Clopés gives a master lecture on the Neurophysiology of Meditation. In it he delves into the expansion of meditation in the last twenty years through scientific studies carried out by international teams worldwide. Slowly, Josep M Clopés, unravels the proven and contrasted benefits of the practice of meditation. He analyzes the origin of these changes in all areas of life from a deep perspective of neuroscience. He presents in detail the results of his studies and how they fit with the results of international studies. He concludes by stating that “we are facing a new era, where the empowerment of the individual and society will be carried out from the conscience and freedom governed by each one of us.” Revealing and essential!

Meditation – Your source of power – BLANK – Vic

(Video in Catalan) Presentation of the book: Meditation – Your source of power. Date: 09/16/2022 Author: Josep M Clopés. Guest table: Àngels Campà, Manel Saltor and Riccardo Braccaioli. Place: BLANK – Vic – Barcelona. Setting: Blank 2 Facilities – Comprehensive Health Center in Vic


(Video in Catalan) Official presentation of the book: Meditation – your source of power. Date: 05/13/2022 Author: Josep M Clopés. Guest table: Àngels Campà, Jordi Català, Gaspar Hernández and Àlex Rovira. Place: Joan Triadú Library – Vic (Barcelona)

Executive Meditation: Meditation and the role of education in the future of our society

(Video in Spanish) An interview of deep reflection. Josep M. Clopés addresses the challenge of education for the future and the role that meditation could or should play. He approaches education from the framework of being the most precious asset in the development of people, school education, family education, as individuals who relate to others. What is missing in current education? The emergence of talent and opening ourselves to divergent models of thought. The challenge of a globalized society and the need to open ourselves to creativity, effort and health. The keys to success. How to get out of a consumer society and grow towards a model of humanistic education. An interview that suggests an inner look to connect with ourselves and touch the creative intelligence of nature. Meditation is the art and science of living in the present moment. An interview full of details. Essential!

Executive Meditation: Meditation – The art and science of realizing our purposes and dreams

(Video in Spanish) An exciting and revealing interview. Josep M Clopés addresses the challenge of realizing our purposes and dreams. Is meditation the tool to achieve our goals? Josep M, explains the keys to success. Meditation is the art and science of living in the present moment. Being and doing, the way to achieve your dreams. An explanation of how to overcome ourselves through the hectic daily life and how to succeed in the chaos. About reality and its creation. The inner look and the reunion with ourselves. The difference between a dreamer and a visionary. And how to cure ourselves of pessimism. A detailed and challenging interview. Essential!

Executive Meditation: Advanced Meditation and Mindfulness – What’s the difference?

(Video in Spanish) A current and revealing interview. Josep M Clopés addresses the difference between Advanced Meditation and Mindfulness. He focuses on the concept of meditation as a fundamental state, the tools of meditation and different methodologies. In a masterful exposition he focuses on meditation through mindfulness, its benefits and advanced meditation in its deep mechanics. He describes the power of focusing the mind on the details and being fully aware that he proposes in mindfulness as opposed to the path of advanced meditation, which focuses on transcendence, down to the deepest levels of our mind. He describes the impact on us and our environment. The way of recounting with nature and creating harmony with the environment. Listen carefully (full) and get inspired!