Neurographic and


Executive Meditation is a center specialized in advanced training in meditation for people of high performance, validated by techniques from neuroscience and psychology.

In our training programs we measure changes in behavior and the improvements and benefits achieved during the program. For this we use tools, techniques, methods and advanced technology from neuroscience and psychology. In this way we can validate the practice, growth, transformation and benefits obtained through the training program.

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Neurographic and neurovisualization technology used in Executive Meditation

Neuro registration

Specialized technique in analyzing and recording the bioelectrical activity of the brain in real time, while the person develops the state of meditation.


This technique is the result of the combination of different tools from the field of neurotechnology (electroencephalography EEG and neurofeedback) combined with various psychological techniques aimed at transformation and personal growth as advanced meditation.

The neuroregistration and neurovisulization technology used by Executive Meditation is endorsed by research and clinical professionals in more than 100 hospitals and universities worldwide including: University of Memphis, Harvard Medical School, McGill, Northwestern University, University of Toronto, IBM, NASA, New York University, Mayo Clinic, Hamilton Heath Siences, Yale, MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology, among others.

Developing the brain

When the person transcends, the brain changes to a more efficient and coherent way of operating. New neuroscientific studies are helping to understand what is happening during meditation and the generation of higher states of consciousness during advanced meditation practice. The findings suggest an impact on behavioral changes and the development of mental potential.

Increasing alpha wave activity

The activity of alpha waves indicates that the brain is resting and alert. During meditation practice, the graph shows large amplitude alpha waves from the front of the brain. The four-minute interval that the large amplitude results from the constructive interference of neurons that oscillate in the alpha range indicates that the entire front of the brain is oscillating at that frequency. The EEG pattern remains stable throughout the task. This indicates that alpha activity has become the permanent background of brain functioning. Because the alpha frequency band is related to the subjective experience of transcending, the experience of pure consciousness, the frontal brain pattern suggests that the subjective experience of transcending also remains active, translating into a holistic, integrated and holistic way to see the world.

Benefits of the integrated functioning of the brain

The research and results obtained around the world suggest that during advanced meditation practice the levels of alpha activity increase, synchronization and coherence are translated equivalently to:

  • Clear experience of transcendental consciousness
  • High level of alert
  • Increase in internal orientation
  • Improvement of neurological efficiency
  • High levels of moral judgment
  • Increase creativity
  • Increase in intelligence
  • Improvement of the learning process
  • Increase in memory
  • Increase in emotional stability
  • Reduction of anxiety levels