meditation program
for Executives

What is it?

It is a complete and solid training program to enhance conscious leadership through advanced meditation techniques. We all have a vital need to develop our level of talent, creativity and leadership to complement our purposes. It is a training program that will increase your knowledge and skills concerning your mental and physical potential applied to personal and professional management. You will create your own unique experience of advanced meditation that will prepare you for a new way of being, thinking and operating using the total latent creative potential that resides in the deepest level of your mind, to develop your professional and personal activities, and aims. You will learn the effective management of personal energy in a dynamic environment.

Who is it for?

The Training programs for organizations, have been designed and developed for people orientated to personal, professional performance and the achievement of results. These are people with an orientation to a pragmatic sense of doing things, but in need of powerful and useful tools for the development of their creative potential. Such people also seek the balance between their personal, professional challenges and their private lives. To develop a sense of physical, mental and environmental welfare, to have control over the level of stress and the ability to handle unending chaotic situations from the calm, serenity and effectiveness which Meditation provides us all with. General directors, functional, members of boards of directors, people with responsibilities within organizations, athletes that need to improve their performance, individuals whose activities are subject to decision making under pressure, tension and getting results.

Specific characteristics of the Course:


Tailor-made for the client and according to each person´s personal needs, in time and place.

Full teacher dedication to the personalized individual training.

Customized training according to the objective needs of performance, health and environment.

Training in a guaranteed privacy framework.


Effect Group. Generation of group dynamics and enrichment through shared experiences.

Individual vision within the group. The group generates a frame of reference for each participant.

Tailor-made, depending on the needs of the Group and/or Organization.

Key features: reasons why to choose the program

Training in the Advanced Meditation program can be done in individual and personalized courses (tailor-made experience), group or organization.

The structure of the Program is as follows:


The course consists of two parts: theoretical and practical, with the following times:

Classes of 2 hours (minimum), every day of the week, with an overall length of between 6 to 9 weeks, depending on the course chosen.

The content of the Training Program is as follows:

Review the full range of our human potential and show how this range will allow a progressive enhancement of our abilities to obtain the predetermined goals and quality of life. Also, it is to effortlessly introduce the Advanced Meditation Technique so as to effectively realize our human potential.

Apply the themes of the development of individual performance, with emphasis on leadership benefits, the base and preparation learning. Performance indicators are established relating to the initial states.

Learning the technique of deep meditation for the progressive development of advanced states of consciousness, with the aim of improving individual performance, collective leadership and happiness.

Evaluation of the learning process, the achievement of the results during the training program and to ensure future progress.

Review the development of “peak performance” and consolidation of the solid learning form and proper use of technology. Final evaluation of the indicators is carried out.

Results and reporting: at the end of the training program a presentation is held of the results of the progress and a final report is presented.

Course, duration and location

Group Size
From 16 to 18 hours (6 weeks)
From 18 to 23 hours (6 to 9 weeks)

Training programs can take place at:

“In company”
At the client´s address – place of choice.
Executive Meditation
In the facilities of Executive Meditation.