Workshops and seminar of
advanced meditation for
high performance teams
in group format

What are they?

They are a set of seminars to provide support for the creation of high performance teams, introducing advanced meditation techniques. Meditation is a key to empower the individual and helps, in the context of the development of organizations, to increase effectiveness and performance. Meditation, as technology, allows the mind to expand, improving performance, productivity, creativity, the team and personal well-being. They are very effective and efficient proposals for the “Team Building” programs.

Who are they for?

The seminars are oriented to groups of executives, managers, organizations and elite sportsmen and women, and people in general, who have high levels of responsibility.

Main benefits of the seminars

The main benefits established for the Advanced Meditation Program are: reducing fatigue and stress, recovery and increased energy level, sustaining the level of performance, increasing average personal energy, the creation of “peak performance”, which improves productivity, increases wellbeing, self-confidence, creativity and intelligence, as well as improving time management, the working environment, decision making, and reducing conflict.

In addition to the above benefits, the benefits of the seminars are staff motivation, improvements in interpersonal communication, encouraging empathy, active listening, assertiveness, properly managing conflicts, encouraging teamwork and discovering the leadership conflicts.

The Course details

They are group seminars: leadership teams

Effect group. Generation of group dynamics and enrichment through shared experiences.
Individual vision within the group. The group generates a frame of reference for each participant.
Tailor-made, depending on the needs of the Group and/or Organization.

Key features: reasons why to choose the program

Seminars are high-impact and intensive. They are theoretical and practical. The main reason for this is the need to create a short-term impact of change. They are effective and efficient programs.

Course, duration and location?

Seminars are delivered at the client´s place of choice, at home, place of work, etc. Group size is a minimum of six, and a maximum of twelve. Other options are also available, made to measure with, by, and for the client. The duration and scope of the seminars are specified in each of the proposals and according to the client´s needs. You can also design your own program according to your own needs and specific requirements.

2 hour

A brief Introduction to Advanced Meditation

The purpose of this seminar is to provide an understanding of the value of the training of the program in Advanced Meditation for high performance teams. The seminar includes a practical introductory session, the first practical experience of what Advanced Meditation looks like.

5 hour

Introduction to Advanced Meditation

A seminar designed to introduce the practical experience of the value of the discipline of Yoga and meditation combined. To get the first solid experience of how to reduce stress levels, generate serenity, peace of mind and increase energy. To learn some basic guidelines of how to incorporate it into everyday life.

8 hour

Learning the Art of Advanced Meditation

This is an intensive seminar to learn the technique of Advanced Meditation in a comprehensive manner, theory and practice, and how to incorporate it into your day to day lives, so as to improve your everyday activities, and your own well-being. It is a unique experience about the potential of meditation as a tool for self development to improve daily routine performances and your state of well-being.

2 day Residential Seminar

Advanced Meditation Seminar for advanced learners, in teams, staying together for 2 days

Seminar orientated to learn the technique of advanced meditation as a tool to improve your level of self-leadership. : this is understanding our resources and how to use them effectively. The seminar includes time for a rest and personal recovery of your state of well-being, with the aim of creating cohesion in the team, and encouraging and promoting relationships, group bonding and solidarity.

Recommended places of accommodation where these workshops and seminars are delivered:


Mas La Talaia


Les Mines d’Osor (Girona)
Sr. Jordi Giró
T. 609 16 50 47


Hotel Can Fisa


Corbera del Llobregat (Barcelona)
Sra. Ruth Botella / Sr. Josep Fisa
T. 93 650 00 00


Hotel Can Cuch


Cànoves (Barcelona)
Sra. Meritxell Soler
T. 93 103 39 80

Mas Torrent

Relais & Châteaux Mas de Torrent


Torrent (Girona)
Sra. Elisabeth Ferrer
T. 972 30 32 92