I have a premonition that soars on silver wings,
It is a dream of your accomplishment
Of many wondrous things,
I do not know beneath which sky
Or where you’ll challenge fate,
I only know it will be high,
I only know it will be GREAT.

– Anonymous –

One day I discovered this beautiful poem and it has always inspired me. When you dream, when you chase an idea, it’s like rising and floating in the air, until you find the path that will take you to its realization. You build the way, and that is where we find ourselves we share and grow.

Josep M. Clopés

Centre for Research,
Development and Innovation (R,D&I)

The centre for R,D&I of Executive Meditation represents our “anima matter”. The objective is to obtain new knowledge about the benefits and the regular practice of Advanced Meditation as well as its highest form, with the aim of improving training programs in their objective, multifunctional and multidisciplinary application.

Composition of R,D&I

Executive Meditation has defined its relation to its applicability of R,D&I in five activities, which cannot be closed off between them clearly, and indeed overlap in our R,D&I projects.

Basic research, technological development, the pre-development of products and services, the final development of useful training programs are specified in the following activities:


Research and development cycle
It applies to the improvement of existing training programs and the generation of new programs and modules that increase the effectiveness in demanding environments.

The Centres for R,D&I

It is an infrastructure consisting of a network of collaborative centres. It is a test platform to carry out research, and design new products, as well as improving the existing ones.

This network of centres is working in the following areas: personal development, health, organizations and companies.



Meditación para Ejecutivos
C. Aragó 517, 7è 1a 08013 Barcelona

Sr. Josep M. Clopés
T 606 32 72 50



Salud integral orientado a la persona
Sant Martí de Centelles – 08592, c/ Pins nº 12

Sra. Mònica Tarrés
T 620 10 05 50



Tratamientos para la salud
Medicina Tradicional China – Acupuntura Japonesa – Dietoterápia-Reiki Tibetano – Flores de Bach
Barcelona – 08013, c/ Aragó, 517 7º 1ª

Sra. Silvia Mestre de Bordons
T 677 45 70 05

These centres develop programs of R,D&I, consisting of design and test methodologies, define innovations and measure the effects. The results of these studies are incorporated as improvements in the standard training programs.


1. We work on research on the effects of meditation on holistic health.
2. We identify elements of improvement to maximize the benefits and ensure a process of development of a person.
3. We develop effective programs for people, and high performance teams.