“The laws of nature emerge by themselves; they describe their own structures and functions and are expressed in all the phenomena of life. They are described in the deepest human physiology. Eternally present in the self-referential field of intelligence”

Josep M. Clopés

Executive Meditation Advanced Technology (EMAT) is the practical integration of a huge range of philosophical, scientific and technical knowledge that allows someone to design a set of training services to meet the deepest needs of the physical and mental development of a human being. EMAT is a technological model of human development. It integrates the view of psychology as a process of self-realization. It integrates the ancestral and millennial vision described by the Vedic science about the structure of the universe and the functioning of the laws of nature together with the comprehension modern science has and describes through human physiology.
The impact of EMAT technology answers the fundamental questions to identify this technology:emat1_en

EMAT is incorporated in the development and methodology, both in its structure and in its process of implementation of all Executive Meditation programs.

The constitution of the universe described in the ancient and ancestral science of Vedic literature describes all the laws of nature. The field of the pure intelligence of nature. The source of all order and harmony that sustains the dynamism of the universe.

This holistic view of the constitution of the universe is described in the deep view of Vedic literature, especially the Rig-Veda, which comprehensively describes the values of the constitution of the universe. Values that are integrated into the same physical material and human physiology. These core values represent the attributes of the pure intelligence or pure consciousness expressed and established in human physiology.

These fundamental values, the laws of nature, their structure and dynamics are revived, emerge through the millenarian methodology by the learned Patanajali (3 BC) so as to conduce to the development of a person to a state of full consciousness.

Deep knowledge of physiology (body-mind) and integration with this ancient knowledge with the modern scientific understanding of the physiology and behavior of matter and energy at a macro and micro level result in a new vision: Human Empowering Technology for True Leadership. EMAT is the result of an intelligent integration process of all these fields of knowledge for the development of full human potential.



Diagram of the conceptual development model EMAT.