The Teacher

“In the back of our mind, lies an ocean
of unlimited energy, available for use”

Josep M. Clopés
Founder of Executive Meditation

Josep M. Clopés has a long career orientated to the development of mental potential for personal and professional improvement through advanced techniques of meditation in daily life, personal and professional.

A Postgraduate in Marketing Management, and extensive professional experience in the field of Management and Executive Areas, he has worked as a General Manager, Marketing Director, and as a Consultant in the Information Communication and Technology sector, such as Accenture, Xerox Corporation, Business T & G, ecological “green” industries and Camerdata.

In the field of advanced meditation, he is a teacher with more than 30 years of practical experience and more than 10 in teaching. He has developed a systematic and innovative way of the ancient technique of advanced meditation applied to the challenges of the 21st century for the improvement of mental potentiality, health, social behavior and for the potential and quality of life. He understands and applies Meditation as an Art and Science, as a Technology orientated to the integral development of the person, towards greater levels of efficiency and energy management, both on a personal level and as a professional.

Advanced Meditation is a very accurate technology, a systematic process leading the conscious mind to experience pure consciousness, the transcendence in the inside of our existence. Day by day, this life experience transforms our mind, getting it into a state of full consciousness. From this Advanced Meditation level, we are able to develop all of our creative potential.

To learn meditation in its most advanced form, it is essential to have a guide, who brings rigor to the origins of the art, methodology training, and experience in guiding and validating, in a precise way, the correct progress, ensuring the success of practical learning.

Finally, the merit of learning meditation is only and exclusively an achievement of each and all of us. We should be grateful to nature for having this opportunity to achieve a full life through the art and the science of meditation.