What is it?

It is a retreat for rest and meditation to be together, a beautiful and rural house far from the rumbling noise of the hustle and bustle of the city. The aim of the program is to have some personal time for rest and to recover a state of mental and physical balance in group living. We all know about, and appreciate having time to disconnect from our everyday daily routines.

The objective of this program is to have a space for self dedication to regain one´s former wellbeing. Group dynamics allows someone to meet other people, and carry out joint activities together, such as meditators and the siddhis advanced meditation practioners. It involves sharing experiences and discussing the concerns about personal growth, and at the same time to eliminate stress through an intense program of advanced meditation.

We do group meditation in double sessions (meditation in repeated cycles), practicing higher meditation program, Siddhis, clarification of experiences, talks with advanced content about meditation techniques and advanced techniques for practioners.

The reason for the double sessions, procedure rounds (twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon) is the need to release tension as much as possible. It is the need to liberate our body of toxins, which create tension or stress, so that the body´s physiology becomes less restrained, in order for it to produce the experience of transcendence, of full consciousness in a clearer and more intense way. If the body is restricted in its full operation because of the tensions, we have to do what is necessary to eliminate them as soon as possible. These procedures, the well-balanced double sessions of the weekend programs are correctly designed to achieve this purpose.

Who is it for?

A space designed to enjoy nature and relax, designed for all kinds of business meetings, groups, conventions, and for all those who want to leave the daily stress behind them. From this, the residential program is oriented to experts in meditation in its most advanced form, and the Siddhis from the advanced meditation programs.


Key features: reasons why to choose the program

The event-course-program, begins on Friday afternoon, continues all day Saturday and ends on Sunday after lunch:


From 17:00h entrance free. Welcoming, accommodation, dinner and detailed presentation of the agenda, the dynamics of the weekend.


Full day of activities, of meditation according to the established program of double sessions. It is an intense day of meditation, and rest, with additional activities.


Morning double sessions of the program. Festive farewell meal and departure from 16:00 h onwards.

Places are limited: the course has a maximum of 14 places only.

Price per person: Ask for a quote.
Once the list of guests is confirmed, a formal reservation is made.

The price includes the course full board and accommodation until Sunday afternoon:
Friday: dinner – evening meal
Saturday: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Sunday: breakfast, lunch

The menus are made up beforehand and according to the requirements of the guests (vegetarian, varied…).

Material needed: please bring comfortable clothes for the meditation and a blanket.


Main benefits

Clean out the nervous system, recovery of mental and physical equilibrium, increase in interior peace and well-being.
Deepening the internal experience of the transcendence of the pure consciousness, whilst enjoying the experience, and enhanced by the group during meditation.
Review, to enhance and ensure the correct practice of the meditation technique is carried out.
Personal growth is obtained via the sharing of experiences and knowledge which co-exist in the group during the weekend.
A unique time of the day dedicated to personal and private moments, but enjoying a supportive environment.

Course, duration and location?

Group Size
Friday entry at 17h.
Saturday full day.
Sunday until 16h.

Training programs can be held at:

Mas La Talaia
Osor 17161 – la Selva-Girona –