MEDITATION – Your source of power

“The most complete book on meditation that I have had the opportunity to read”

Alex Rovira i Celma


This book is the result of a long path of practice in advanced meditation applied to an executive professional life in high-performance environments, and of an intense experience in training as a teacher of the discipline. The last eight years, dedicated to teaching him full time. The reader will see here a large part of the knowledge gathered in all this time.




The book you have in your hands is a proposal for understanding the real potential of meditation as a daily instrument of transformation and personal empowerment. It will become the greatest self-development tool of the 21st century. In it, you will discover a new look at meditation as a particular empowerment technology and as a path to individual and social transformation.

It is a journey from the current moment, the challenges of our world, the crisis of leadership, the hope of renewal and the path to success. Approaches meditation as the key methodology to lead us to transformation, overcoming, the achievement of our purposes and the final conquest of your freedom. It introduces you to the path of encounter between science, philosophy and its point of union in meditation as a path to reality. Unveils the domain of meditation to connect with the power of nature within us and describes his neuroscientific insight. You will enter the metamorphosis that meditation produces in people. He predicts that meditators will become a new elite in society. They will lead a more just and sustainable society from the inner light of connection with consciousness, the unified field of Natural Law.

At the end of the journey, you will have your moment to experience deep meditation and your turning point. A trip of no return to your source of power. Reach your true, desired and definitive freedom!


6×9 format book (print and kindle)

10 chapters of informative and scientific content; 227 color pages

+ 70 photographs, graphics and illustrations

Printing on paper with exterior finish on soft cover and hard cover (gloss white color)