Meditation for

Constructing high performance organizations through the management and control of the unlimited power of the mind.

“…The need for people in positions of responsibility, as well as those organizations that rely on their leaders and executives to improve the performance and achievement of objectives. That is to say, individual performance and team performance depends on the level of psychological or mental development of all those involved. Current training systems based on the development of management skills, do not cover well this fundamental aspect, which is at the basis of individual talent and teamwork.
…The individual needs that people have to achieve self-control “so as to feel that they govern and control their lives and their own well-being.”


Meditation is a mental activity that strives to a full awareness of the most essential of realities, pure consciousness. It is the most silent and peaceful level of our “internal perceptions”. In this state, the mind is at maximum alert, mindful of the body in a deeply relaxed state, whereby the brain operates more consistently and the body enters a restful peaceful state. The consequences of this personal inner experience, subjective and physical are enormous in everyday life and produce objective results in all realms of human activities. Self-confidence grows, the mind gains in serenity, improving understanding, perception is widened, with improved decision making, and health is seen as being reinforced, increases in physical and mental energy, rejuvenates our appearance and our quality of life increases. The change of approach and the impact that meditation produces in our day to day activities, both personal and professional, is well recognized. The practice of meditation is ancient, it goes back to ancient times, and at the same time is an art and a science focusing on the development of spheres of human activity – psychological and physical; a fundamental tool for the full development of what in modern psychology is defined as the ultimate state of self-realization.

Executive Meditation focuses and directs the challenge of leadership, self-leadership, in personal, professional fields and organizations, through the inclusion of regular practice of Advanced Meditation techniques and methods. Success is not only based on the achievement of results, but also on the state of our well-being. Full development is reached when we operate in full harmony with the laws of nature. We extend our skills and knowledge and acquire infinite levels of understanding, boundless energy and infinite creativity, all of which reside in the most subtle levels of our existence.

In today’s dynamic world, this ancient practice is observed from the perspective of quantum physics. For the first time, the idea of consciousness and Natural Law allows people to live according to the laws of nature. Acquire mastery and control over them can develop life more fully and sustainably.

Executive Meditation provides practical training of meditation in its most advanced form, with guarantees, using a genuine structured methodology and an experienced guide with guaranteed practice. We now offer the opportunity to access a knowledge of immense value.

The practice of meditation, does not mean adopting a philosophy of life, it is to maintain a neutral and independent stance. However, it is deeply transformative for personal, professional life and how to operate in organizations.

It contributes to the construction of a new, fair and sustainable society through harmony with Natural Law.

Our goal

Our goal is to train people, using advanced and superior meditation techniques with the aim of achieving a shift in the way of thinking and acting. We want to provide people with a better understanding of their personal, physical, and mental resources, the functioning of the nervous system and the brain so as to gain clarity and serenity and a greater understanding of the mind. All of this will allow people to improve the effectiveness of their management decision making, achieving their goals and personal, professional and organizational purposes.