Siddhi Program

Superior meditation for executives: deploying the unlimited power of the mind.

What is it?

The Transcendental Meditation Siddhi Program prepares people to bring their conscious states, so that they would be able to operate from a deeper level, to a self-referential state of consciousness in its purest state, which represents the total power of “Natural Law” within our own existence. It is a program orientated to train our thinking to operate at the same level as immediate interaction such as is found in Nature. The individual harmonizes his or her life and gains mastery over Siddhi “Natural Law”. The knowledge and practice of this mode of knowledge and mind-body-mind relation, allows us to achieve any purpose in life.

The Advanced Meditation Siddhi´s Program develops higher states of consciousness, getting peoples´ lives into harmony with Natural Law. This is a fundamental aspect of personal balance, the basis of our performances in reply to everyday challenges.

The Siddhi Advanced Meditation Program is a development of one aspect of the meditation program. Through meditation we can open our consciousness and enter into its deepest level, consciousness in its purest form, a limitless ocean of potential energy, the unified field of Siddhic Natural law, which is in accord with scientific descriptions of our minds, of each and every one of us.

The Siddhi Advanced Meditation Program prepares and trains people in the ability to think and act from pure consciousness. In learning to operate from this base people can learn to achieve the increased support of Natural Law, which gives fulfillment to people´s desires.

The Siddhi Advanced Meditation Program is a highly enhanced coordination between mind and body. Thought and action become unified in a more spontaneous way in harmony with the developmental power of Natural Law. This enables people to gain a greater ability to fulfill their purposes naturally, effortlessly, effectively and efficiently, promoting personal development.

The Siddhi Transcendental Meditation Program facilitates the use of higher states of intelligence, learning ability, creativity and neurological efficiency. Scientific research indicates that regular practice of the Siddhi program enables people to develop a deeper integration of the operation of the brain.


EEG Electroencephalograph : Electroencephalogram is the tracing made on the graph. 1 second sample. The graph shows only the filtered signal so as to present only the alpha waves. The graph signal wave was acquired in the Oz position processed with scipy and saved with matplolib.
Ref. Hugo Gamboa (December 2005)

The EEG readings obtained from the low frequency alpha waves, that arise from synchronized electrical activity and coherent with brain cells and high levels of coherence between them, carry with it a mode of operating the brain to an optimum.

The experience of the state of transcendence and pure consciousness, as well as the process to operate at this level during the Siddhis program facilitates the functioning of the brain and establishes the basis for the full development of the potential of individual creative intelligence.

The Siddhi Advanced Meditation Program has the following objectives:

To enable the meditation practice to reach a higher level, in order to develop higher states of consciousness.
To develop a new operative skill, and to get it to work at a deeper level of the mind.
To reach a level of mastery over “Natural Law”, with the aim of developing higher mental states of, intelligence, learning, creativity, and as well as the improvement of neurological efficiency.
To increase self-confidence and the potential for people to lead their lives according to their own desired purposes.
Ensure knowledge about the process of the development of higher states of consciousness, and how to enhance our personal and professional development.

Who is it for?

The Siddhi Advanced Meditation Training Program is aimed at people who wish to improve and expand their knowledge and skills in leadership through the development of the full potential of the mind. The goal is to train people with responsibilities in their personal and professional life to think and act in an effective and efficient manner, with leadership, improved performance and to achieve results. The purpose of the program is to accelerate the benefits obtained by the advanced meditation technique and training of the mind so as to operate from the level of pure consciousness.

It is from this fundamental level where the mind expands, where it can enter into its full potential. Learning to operate from this level, is the equivalent to working with all kinds of mental potentialities: this is the remaining 90% of the latent creative potential that modern psychology has defined as its peak, the highest achievement of human potential, the state of self-realization that Abraham Maslow describes.

This training program is orientated, on the one hand, to practicing experts in advanced meditation, and secondly, for all those people with a deep and sincere interest in developing their creative potential to the maximum.


“Consciously, Self-aware people have higher performance and leadership potential than strategists. But they represent 1% of all individuals”

Josep M Clopés

The Siddhis program develops the person to expand his or her mind to levels of self-realization:

Higher perception of reality.
Increased acceptance of him or herself, of others and of nature.
More confidence.
Thinking and spontaneous behavior.
Big increase in creativity.
Strong empathy towards others.
Concern for human values: truth, beauty, and justice.

Specific organizational features:

Individual/Custom made

• Tailor-made for the client, and according to your personal needs, time and place.

• Full professor dedication: Teacher dedicated full-time to personalized individual training.

• Customization of training according to your aims, needs and requirements.

• Training guaranteed in privacy and with total confidentiality.


• Effect group. Generation of group dynamics and enrichment through shared experiences.

• Individual perspective or view within the group. The group generates a frame of reference for each participant.

• Tailor-made, depending on the needs of the group and/or organization.

Key features: reasons why to choose the program

Training in the Advanced Meditation Program can be done individually and personalized (tailor-made experience), or in a group or organization.
The course contains a custom integrated program of 23 techniques based on theoretical and practical training. It goes deep into the theoretical understanding of the basis for leadership development and effective performance. It includes follow ups in blocks, reviews and contributions from new tools in order to widen and consolidate the information. The program can be done or carried out, either individually, or in a group, or groups.


The structure of the program is as follows:




The course consists of two parts: theoretical and practical, and its scope is as follows:

Classes of 4 hours (minimum), one day a month, or, during an overall period of 8 months (minimum).

The content of the training program is as follows:

It is a complex program that includes an introduction and process of preparation.

An initial evaluation is made to lay the groundwork for improved indicators to make a measurement and fix the starting point, (KPI). Subsequently, an evaluation is carried out in the middle of the course program and another evaluation at the end, so as to have an objective perspective of the overall progress made.

Each block delves into practice techniques in order to operate from the deep recesses of the mind by developing specific results and creating an expansion from there; thus, we establish the physiological changes necessary to support the higher operating process.

At the end of the training program a presentation is held of the results and a single final report is given.

Course, duration and location?

Group Size
25 hours (minimum)
From 31 hours to 37 hours

Training is done by a one-in-one class per month for eight months.
Each class lasts approximately four hours.

Training programs can be held at:

Transcendental Meditation Siddhi
Executive Meditation
In the facilities of Executive Meditation.