“I had always tried, but I never got away with it. With this course I have learned that meditation fits into my rhythm of life and not me into meditation. And the results have been remarkable. I sleep better, it helps me to have more focus and I have already adopted this tool as a help to recover energy and soften stressful moments. I definitely recommend it!”

“Taking this meditation course has allowed me to start getting to know this very useful tool to live a fuller life and with more self-control, searching for the interiority that we all have. Thank you very much, Josep Ma, for making it possible”

“This course has taught me a tool that I will keep with me for the rest of my life. I am very happy and eager to continue with meditation and the vital improvements it brings!”

“I started this course with great desire and enthusiasm, because I needed a change in my life, I needed to breathe deeply and for my mind to be clear to manage my daily life in the best possible way. I even doubted very much if I could get some stability and calm within myself.

This advanced meditation course has marked a before and after in my life, I feel like a different person, with a clearer mind, without those fears, insecurities and so many other things…

I had been looking for calm and serenity for years and I had to find it just now at 26 years old, when I was lost in life without making any sense, now I have found the meaning of my life thanks to this very transformative short-term course that has marked my life

I have become the best version of myself thanks to this wonderful journey that will accompany me for the rest of my life.

I can only say THANK YOU JOSEP for accompanying me in transforming darkness into LIGHT in my life on this very significant journey.”

“In meditation I have discovered an important tool that gives me serenity, clarity of vision, self-confidence and making better decisions; it has only been part of my life for two months and has come to stay. Very grateful to teacher Josep Ma “Clopes”

“The mind can get sick, in my case Dysthymia of a long duration and treated in the Psychiatric field. Aggravated at certain times due to specific circumstances in the business world. Thanks to Executive Meditation, at the hands of Josep Mª Clopés, I have been lucky enough to understand that the same mind can help heal what has made me ill. I am immensely grateful to Josep Mª Clopés for opening this door of my mind and also helping me to pass through it, through his Advanced Meditation Program, at this moment I would not understand the day to day of my life without daily meditation. Now with just 3,500 minutes of Meditation the change is very important, hoping to be able to take the next step of the Higher Meditation Program. A before and an after in my life! Thank you very much Josep Mª.”

“An inspiring course that allowed me to learn in depth the undeniable benefits of a millennial practice.”

“Carrying out this training has been a before and after in my life. In just two months, through advanced meditation (Raja Yoga) I managed to free my skin from some patterns that accompanied me before more than twenty years This training has made me aware of how powerful this tool is, however it is important to consider that the path of meditation is not easy, given that there are other issues that are not resolved in two months and which require tenacity and perseverance on this path. For me, the plus of quality and rigour is given by the teacher who accompanies the training, Josep Maria, who, apart from being an expert in this science because he has devoted practically all of his your life, is a facilitator with a rich and extensive background and theoretical base that gets you there in a very clean, transparent, easy and friendly way. In short, a revolutionary tool that is well worth integrating into your life, for anyone.”

“After trying different techniques previously, I finally learned how to meditate effectively thanks to the Advanced Meditation course and now I can enjoy its many benefits”

“It has been a before and an after.
Fully grateful for all that meditation has brought to my day to day life. It has allowed me to enjoy music and especially the guitar even more.
I now recognize myself as a more aware person, who lives in the present and has superior mental clarity.
Thank you, Joseph Maria!”

“This meditation course, aimed at improving personal abilities to increase performance and well-being at work, has been the discovery of a powerful tool of personal empowerment. I had already started meditating on my own, but knowing what happens in the brain and in the body when you meditate, the physiological mechanisms involved and glimpse where this activity can lead you, is to have obtained the confirmation that I am on the way. Knowing that what has to happen can happen but that nothing of the ‘essential in me will change, it is the best source of peace. So I am deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to do the course.”

“Discovering and practicing advanced meditation has allowed me to connect with myself, feel an immense inner peace and above all, start a process of personal transformation that progresses little by little and which, fortunately, is already unstoppable. Thank you Josep Mª.”

“It has been a treasure to participate in this meditation course, a reunion with myself, with my essence and the definitive springboard to regain peace and mental clarity”

“This course has allowed me to discover that there is no better help than one’s own, that it is not necessary to look outside, because everything we need is within us, we just have to stop and listen to you. Simple and easy. I did not know anything about the world of meditation, and Josep Maria has shared with us a tool that has helped me become aware of where I am and where I want to walk from now on”

“We carry an inertia that is not natural in our day to day and I, at various times in my life and in extreme situations, felt like I was losing my way, my orientation.
My body was screaming for attention and I gave it to it.
Executive Meditation appeared thanks to a friend, who lent me Josep Maria’s book, I read it and I wanted more, I wanted to know if I could learn more, if he could help me.
I contacted him, and he informed me about the courses he was doing, I jumped in, I believed, and it has been spectacular, I feel stronger, more secure, and above all, reaffirmed that we have to listen to our bodies much more.
Thank you Josep Maria, let’s continue.”

“A few months ago I hit another bottom of the bottoms that we usually touch throughout our lives. Because of my profession and above all because of my way of being in life, I have been a seeker or someone who finds, since I am aware, the key to being in this life without so much suffering and pain; longing to enjoy and experience life from all the colors of the rainbow, wanting to understand what this is about being ALIVE. I have traveled a long way with many teachings that have contributed a lot to me at all times and some of them, most of them, have accompanied me to where I am.
In this turn of life from a few months ago and already a bit “tired” of more external learning, an internal voice told me meditate, meditate…. I already did it… I had been doing it for decades… I traveled to places where there were great meditators that helped me to understand life in a broader way, although later in my daily life little by little it was diluted by external noise. Even and all that voice told me meditate. So I started looking for a meditation Teacher with a very strong intention to help me apply it in my daily reality, to help me manage my life, my great professional load and recover my joy of living, of being in connection with life from a more fluid place, because my Intuition told me that it was there: to connect with the Essence of the Nature of Life.
And I opened the computer and I came across Executive Meditation, which honestly, the marketing format did not suit me, and even and all, my great life partner, my superior intelligence, told me this is it.
I contacted and from the first conversation with Josep something changed in my system, I felt aligned with his transmission, his program and the content.
The contribution that it has given me has been to understand the neurophysiological changes that occur with practice, to observe them from the first week in me, to understand that it is a mechanical training and what it is really to be doing meditation as a cleaning of the system to function more coherently and effectively throughout the day. It is not the meditation itself but observing what happens during the day. I have observed many changes in me, as a summary I am not in any depth, I swim on the surface and if I see waves I know where to swim and enjoy.
In my work leading teams I am very lucid and with flowing detachment. I start and finish what I propose. I have no expectations, just directions. I am very calm before what happens, more alert to respond calmly. I laugh a lot more at myself and at life. I am at peace and enjoying it.
And more…
I’m meditating 22 minutes tomorrow and 22 minutes late… as a habit, if it brings these benefits… It’s worth it!
Of course, I am aware that if it were not Josep Clopés the guide it would not have been possible. Thank you for offering this great teaching in such a natural way.”

“Thanks to Meditation I feel more vital with more energy, it is an engine that pushes me to live with greater intensity. It has also helped me to gain perspective in complicated situations.
In short, it has become an indispensable tool in my life because it makes me stop and brings me closer to that inner peace so longed for.
Thank you Josep Maria.”

“It is true that at first I had my doubts about the effectiveness of this technique and its effects in terms of being able to achieve greater self-control of myself, as well as being able to relax in moments of more tension or work stress. Well, now I can confirm that it is true that this program has helped me learn to meditate and, as a result, to master the situation of work stress, as well as to rest more deeply at night. I recommend skeptics to test the power of the mind with the knowledge and handling of this technique in Executive Meditation by the hand of Josep M Clopés.”

“The advanced meditation program marked a before and after in my emotional balance and in making myself responsible for it. The following year I did the Siddhis program, which has represented a step further in the practice of meditation. In this training, obtain answers about the functioning of the body, mind and spirit with the practice of meditation, above all and for me more importantly, the scope of its influence in our lives is significantly expanded. I feel a great gratitude to the Universe and to Josep Mª for having approached me to this knowledge in such a simple, close, undogmatic way, and with the open-mindedness and respect that characterize him.”

“Today I have been meditating regularly for one hundred and sixty-one days and I could not be more satisfied. I decided to get started in the world of meditation because I wanted to lower my stress level, I needed to stop my mind and connect in some other way with myself.
Well, by chance I ended up contacting Josep Maria. I doubted which path to choose and thanks to the explanations of the benefits I would get if I took the advanced meditation course, I embarked on the adventure.
It’s an expensive course, but I really made myself a gift of life. I am deeply grateful to Josep Maria, for his patience, mastery, support and above all for meeting a good man.
I attended the presentation of his book because I wanted to share and accompany it at this sweet time, but I was not the only one, like me, in that library there were people who somehow wanted to correspond to it.
Now I can’t imagine my day-to-day life without sitting down to meditate because it provides me with that necessary anchor that takes me away from routine. There are days when the mind goes far, it catches me, but nothing happens, everything is fine. I am aware that I have begun a new path that brings me closer to that inner peace that is within me.
I can only thank you, Josep Maria for that phone call and for being part of my path.”

“Today I have been meditating for four months with the invaluable help of Josep María Clopés.
My expectations were high, the result has exceeded them.
I could explain different benefits, but the main one has been that I can rest seven hours a day when I hadn’t been able to sleep more than four hours in a row for years.
Thank you Joseph Maria.”

“My name is Maribel Colás, a retired doctor two years ago. Working as a doctor has given me a lot of satisfaction.
My relationship with meditation began with a conference given at the medical college. I was going through a complicated personal situation, it caused me great discomfort and insomnia. What a bad dream not to sleep!
It seemed to me that meditation could sort out my emotional messes. So it was!. Gradually I was improving seeing things more clearly and little by little recovering my well-being.
Currently I do meditation 1 hour daily.”

“Meditation had been one of my pending subjects for years. I had consulted books and videos, I had practiced sporadically in yoga classes or on my own, but despite trying several times, I could not build the habit of meditating in a regular way. Somebody told me about Josep Clopés and I decided to give it a try. Today I’m celebrating 100 consecutive days meditating. Thanks to Josep, not only did I learn the technique, but with his weekly follow-ups I was able to incorporate meditation into my daily routine. I totally recommend working with Josep to all those who, like me, want to incorporate the practice of meditation into their lives. Thank you Josep”

“Thank you, EXECUTIVE MEDITATION. I started your method after a bad experience in life such as the loss of loved ones and it is clearly helping me to cope with it, as well as to connect my body with my mind, something that we are getting used to. having detuned and that we do not get to see the maelstrom we are exposed to. A clear turning point in my life and highly recommended for all audiences.
His method would have to be applied in schools since we are little, we would have another world if it were done. Thank you Josep María.”

“First of all, I would like to thank you (Josep M) for what a good professional you have been and how sincere you were the first day.
I remember the phrase “if you listen to me and let yourself be taught, with a commitment of 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the afternoon, you will get the results, if you do not take that commitment, it is not worth starting”
I got very annoyed in many aspects of my life, and it was to try this or pull psychiatrists, psychologists, etc.
And I can only tell you that on 7/14/21, I WAS BORN AGAIN.
Now I self-manage my life, from tranquility, doing everything I did before (I am a commercial with large accounts and I have two small daughters) to get an idea of ​​the level of occupation that I have, and I have recovered the inner peace that I only had when I was a little boy.
I have lost weight, I control my thoughts, I have illusions …
I recommend it, because with this course you can get everything you want,
A big hug Josep Maria and thanks for everything ”

“With all sincerity ….

Initially skeptical about the benefits of meditation, after the formidable course, I have to agree with Josep Mª, having acquired an indispensable tool in everyday life for anyone. Inner peace, energy, security and clarity among other benefits. A great gift of life.”

“My interest in meditation started when I was very young. I read a lot of books. I tried to practice following the rules that were given to me in those cases that inspired me the most confidence. But it never worked. It was not difficult for me to discover why. In all cases books, with similar methods, there was a point in common that was understood as the fundamental basis of meditation and which I could not reach: LEAVING THE MIND BLANK.
Josep María Clopés gave me the key that opened the lock that finally allowed me to enter this world and that confirmed what I had always intuited. Meditation is a tool that allows us to use the potential that we carry within and that provides benefits that grow with practice. And without leaving your mind blank. Letting it flow. Marvelous.
Thank you Josep María for helping me find the way.”

“The advanced meditation course offered by Executive Meditation allows you to effectively know the mechanisms of the act of meditating. As for the benefits I’m experiencing, little by little I’m getting to be more aware of the present and my true essence. Also relevant is the level of energy I get right after meditating. These advances are what encourage me to delve deeper into practice with the senior course.”

“Thanks to the advanced meditation course with Josep M Clopés, I have found the inner calm that I longed for and that seemed impossible to achieve. Now I manage my day-to-day better, with more acceptance, patience, serenity, energy… I have never imagined such amazing results with so little time of dedication…
Thank you Josep M”

“The Executive Meditation Advanced Meditation Program has endowed me with the knowledge and tools necessary to make meditation a beneficial daily habit for the rest of my life. A habit that, practice by practice, brings me closer to inner well-being. Fully satisfied.”

“Sometimes the simple things are the ones that work. We seek balance, inner serenity, and above all a non-emotional energy that moves us, that helps us to relativize the different and frequent problems that life faces us. And now it turns out that, simply by meditating, closing your eyes, taking a course with José María Clópes who explains the techniques of advanced meditation, you get it. And most importantly, this tool is already yours, it accompanies you as your shadow if you want it all your life. It is your secret resource to protect yourself. And as you meditate, that you are comfortable in silence, your body becomes balanced, an inner force is born that gives you security, energy becomes vital, your creativity soars, you manage your emotions and your new calm makes you a better person. . Simply amazing. I have never known something so simple that it can be your great benefactor and accompany you by your side for life. Thanks José María.”

“Discovering meditation at the hand of Josep Mª has provided me with a very valuable tool to successfully overcome professional challenges, increase the ability to solve problems, better adaptation to changes and stress management, in short, it has offered me a new perspective on a happier and fuller life.”

“I will comment on some contributions of meditation to my life: That life is beautiful and I can live it accordingly. Some time before meditating, I was in crisis because the weekend did not meet my expectations. From the first day I started meditating , No weekend has happened to me again. Greater assertiveness, greater emotional balance and desire to continue meditating to grow every day more as a person, mother, partner and perceive the beauty of life. Thank you.”

“Josep Maria’s accompaniment to the world of meditation has left a seed inside me that is growing little by little with a lot of presence and has strengthened my curiosity to continue immersing myself in me and connect with the state so powerful. and natural that we all have inside us.”

“I knew I had to make internal personal changes and I didn’t know how to approach them. Thanks to meditation I began a new path, of inner peace and serenity, just what I needed. It is helping me to see my future clearly, and to make those decisions that are necessary to reach my goals. Among other benefits.
The course has helped me to have the perseverance to acquire the habit of meditation, and in just a few weeks, meditating has gone from being an obligation to a necessity.”

“With meditation and the calm and perspective it gives, I have begun a process of self-knowledge and personal projection like I never imagined. In particular, I have achieved a very significant improvement in night rest, in the ability to release stress and in conflict management. Overall, I have achieved a great sense of improvement in the quality of life on a physical, mental and spiritual level.”

“Learning Executive Meditation has allowed me to increase: harmony and connection in relationships, creativity and imagination to have more alternatives and opportunities, clarity in the goals to be achieved and in the way of executing the associated actions, understanding internal and external processes, consciousness, wholeness and well-being.”

“During the Siddhis Higher Meditation Program I felt an explosion of knowledge and inner expansion, a start towards a journey into self-knowledge and transcendence.

The perception of the world changes, and I mean the unique and singular that each of us has, and you discover a new one based on your own sincerity (which is sometimes painful) and the true essence.

You feel liberated, in a detachment that allows you to live in the peace of what is truly important in our lives.

You feel the connection of your purest being with the universe, you feel that not only are you part of it but you discover what your space is in it, you open your consciousness to this adventure of living in constant motion.

The technique of meditation with Siddhis is so powerful, that everyone should have the opportunity to experience it.

Josep Maria likes to say, “More than a teacher, you’re an awakener of conscience” and you know what? Awakening your conscience is the most valuable gift they can give you.”

“Through this advanced meditation course, I have achieved more inner peace, mental clarity, better time management, good harmony with environment. Overall higher quality of life.”

“I have completed the Advanced Meditation Course at EXECUTIVE MEDITATION & CONSULTING, led by its Director Mr. Josep Maria Clopés and overall I can confirm that it has a very positive influence on my existential conception and my life dynamics.
I have acquired a mechanics and technique that allows me to quickly and prolongedly achieve a state of meditation of silence and solitude without thoughts, concepts, forms and with a conception of circular time instead of linear, so that there is only present, present moment, “now”.
It gives me a sense of balance, harmony, peace and inner joy. Also a feeling of openness, of integration with everything, of being part of the whole cosmos which conditions a great respect for the physical planet, the biosphere and all my fellow human beings. I value the miracle of life much more. Vital dynamics become more positive, with altruism, empathy, tolerance, kindness and love prevailing.”

“Josep Maria is a great professional with an incredible experience in the field of meditation. Taking the course has helped me to establish a better professional / personal balance and it has become a very beneficial daily practice on a physical and mental level, giving me that serenity and balance so necessary today. I recommend it 200% to all those who really want to improve their quality of life.”

“The team directiu de l’escola Thau Barcelona hem fet the course of Meditació Avançada. Our model of leadership at the school is the “Leadership Jazz”. I feel like those who play drums in a jazz band, setting the rhythm; Look and escort the companys, oferint always with serenity and optimism the possibility that some provi d’aixecar-se has a single with the seu instrument. Sens dubte, for gaudim més de l’escola and dels seus silencis; l’assaborim conscientment y la intuïció leads to create noves partitures! Gràcies Josep Maria!”

“The meditation program with Siddhis has guided me to strengthen the benefits of meditation technology.

Through learning the meanings and daily practice of siddhis I was able to initiate the release of my mind from stress and mental noises.

The result is a much more focused and strong mind, efficient and intuitive, calm and motivated.

These changes have allowed me to regain quality of life, feel happier and connected with myself and mine, enjoy life and regain laughter, eliminate insomnia and situate work tensions.”

“Taking the Meditation Course with Josep María Clopés has been a wonderful experience. It has opened the door to a world that I really did not know, and today I believe that everyone should do it. Be aware, feel more serene, calm and at peace with yourself to face the day to day, and feel free to decide on yourself and manage all aspects of your life. For me, a truly transformative daily tool. ”

“We are Montse and Thomas, a couple of chiropractors who have a habit of attending courses and seminars on a regular basis in order to be the best version of ourselves and to be able to help the patients we visit on a daily basis. we had done a weekend of meditation a few years ago, but it wasn’t until we had the serendipity of meeting Josep Maria Clopés, that we discovered that meditation was a world we only knew the tip of the iceberg. We enrolled in the full Executive Meditation course. Every week of the course, it was a quantum leap for us, both personally and professionally. With support, unconditional esteem, empathy and wisdom del Clopés we managed to make a transformation from within, reprogramming our unconscious brain, which meant a profound, vital and powerful change, literally: an inner empowerment. Thomas, took away his anxiety at a time when his personal life was only getting worse in the family challenge he was experiencing. Montse, after a blood test, saw that her immune system was in danger. The first thing he did at the end of the meditation course was to repeat the analyzes and everything would be back to normal. We will be eternally grateful that Josep Maria spent almost a decade creating Executive Meditation, so that we can all nurture our key to success. I wish every person who wants to live a life full of serenity and integrity, that the gift of life is made and the course begins. Executive Meditation is an investment that has no value. It allows you to have a meaningful, balanced life with inner peace. Being able to vibrate at a high frequency gives you the opportunity to attract success, happiness and quality people will be part of the harmony you will have around you. And above all, everything you still can’t imagine is waiting for you … After our experience, we are clear that if everyone meditated, the world would be more grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

With light and love.”

“I found the course very interesting and necessary to be able to get started in meditation. Entering this new world has given me peace of mind, mental clarity, improved emotion management and personal growth. It has been a pleasure to enjoy the accompaniment of Josep Maria Clopés in what will be this new way of understanding and living life. Thanks!”

“I had already done some other mindfulness and meditation courses, but I wasn’t completely satisfied. I spent some time unsuccessfully looking for some more complete training … until one day while listening to a radio program, I heard JM Clopés talking about meditation. I immediately pulled on the thread with the intuition that I finally had in front of me the definitive course I had been looking for a long time. And I wasn’t wrong! From the first moment you learn the technique and you have the whole course to go shelling all the ets and uts of the practice. It is a very scientific, technical course, with a very studied methodology. Josep Maria is very thorough, didactic and close. A luxury to have learned to meditate with Executive Meditation. Thank you very much.”

“Dear Josep Mª, I want to thank you for introducing me to meditation. An unknown art that has made me grow as a person.

I discovered meditation at a stage in my life where I needed it most, a stress relief, a more positive view of life, and an ability to face new challenges.
You helped me to enter this world and I want to help you with a phrase as you asked us.

Meditation reaches the station of life and you climb quietly effortlessly and let yourself be carried away. In each season and you learn new techniques and if one day we are in the same season we can enjoy it together: relaxation, inner peace, motivation, drive, vision for the future and a lot of happiness.

The course has taught me to know how to value the things and people you have around you, to let life pass, and to enjoy it in every moment.


“Thank you Josep Maria for seeing a door I didn’t know existed. And there is a before and after after doing the meditation course, among other things, patience and serenity is what contributed to me.”

“One day you find yourself, or it is destiny, or it is the Universe, which puts you in the way of Josep María Clopés.
From that moment a new life begins.
First, in 2018, I started the Advanced Meditation Program, and I could no longer stop experimenting and learning.
Secondly, I finished last January, the Higher Meditation Course – Siddhis; In all this way I have learned to train and calm the mind; This daily meditation training leads you to discover “Pure Consciousness.” You no longer know how to live otherwise, it is necessary and vital to practice every day, because everything becomes easier and more pleasant.
Josep María incorporated a validated yoga table, which, prior to meditation, is complemented by a better physical state.
At the end of the meditation, a state of real harmony, satisfaction, stillness and a feeling of better health is achieved.
All this path is traveled through the tools offered by Josep María Clopés, with Advanced Meditation and Siddhis.
Great person, great professional, and great “teacher” (although he does not want to be called that), I refer to the meaning of the word: “person who teaches or forms, especially that from which very valuable teachings are received” and that is the conclusion, so valuable teachings that transform lives, my way of thinking and, above all, my way of acting has changed.
Josep María, I only have words of thanks, for these teachings and for your active listening at all times.
Thank you and see you forever.”

“Through this course, I discovered that Meditation is like Music …
What is music? but Silence between the notes to avoid it being a noise, a cacophony.
In Meditation, we seek silence among our thoughts to avoid this mental noise.
Little by little we encourage these spaces of silence with practice to reach a point of synchronicity that unites us to the essence of oneself, the Vacuity,
non-duality, as in the Cosmos: Silence, Peace, efficiency in non-action.

Thank you very much Josep M.”

“Making the course of Advanced Meditation, has been a very positive decision. He has allowed me to go into this practice, which I have been doing for years, I have been able to clarify concepts and integrate it in an easy and natural way in my life every day, this helps me to be more in harmony with Being and is giving me benefits in my personal and professional life, more assertiveness, efficiency, silence and joy. Thank you Josep Maria.”

“In the context of an internal process of change, this meditation course helped me put myself as a center (self-knowledge) and improve the way we interact with the environment, especially emotionally and familiar.”

“I approached meditation almost by chance, it was something not sought after, although from the beginning the practical application resulted in important changes in my way of being, acting, perceiving, anticipating, fundamental and complementary verbs in professional management.

Learn to integrate objectives with values and begin to be aware that with learning, routine and perseverance we can strengthen our brain exponentially.

In my personal field a greater degree of rest, tranquility, reduction of intensity and stress of being able to participate in my environment in fullness of family faculties.

In short, a very good experience with continuity and applicability in the demanding environment that we have to live.”

“Although the Advanced Meditation Program provided me with serenity and clarity, the Higher Meditation Program has provided me with great empowerment and security, which has resulted in a great change in my personal life.
I want to thank Jose María Clopés, for sharing this powerful tool with me, and for having accompanied me in this process of personal change. With the completion of the course, a great adventure begins!”

“With the meditation course I have lived a before and after. I meditated before but until this course I had not felt so clearly the benefits of meditating daily:
My level of creativity, concentration, serenity and the ability to put distance to the experiences that previously overwhelmed me, have greatly improved.”

“Thanks to a happy serendipity, I met Josep M Clopés and his course while looking for solutions to my physical problems caused by stress.
The course is a methodical, systematic and effective planning of the long experience of Josep Maria in the subject and of his desire to share it, generously and kindly. It is indisputable that its success is so much for the studied programming as for the exquisite treatment of the teacher.
After a hundred consecutive days of meditation, I say that I can not even want to be in my daily practice because it gives me the breaks of calm and renewal that I need to face the day and its challenges.
Without a doubt, it is one of the best investments I’ve made in this life.
Thank you, Josep Maria.”

“Josep Maria Clopés with his course of Advanced Meditation has made me discover a new field of knowledge that is exciting and at the same time 100% useful both in personal and professional life because it helps, among other things, to enhance the the individual state of consciousness, that the environment in which we live, so much pressure to minimize. I recommend it to everyone.”

“The Training Program for Exercise Meditation of Advanced Meditation has helped me to take distance from complex situations that caused me anxiety before doing the course, which allowed me to approach them with greater serenity, achieving improve effectiveness in response. Also notable is an improvement in the self knowing, which has helped me to make decisions in line with what I really care about prioritizing.”

“This course has pleasantly surprised me, a great investment to enhance personal skills, incorporating the habit of meditating daily.
Profits in personal growth are continuous and cumulative.
In less than two months you feel more serene, inner peace, emotional tranquility, self-discipline ….”

“One faces in his life all kinds of conflicts, problems, doubts. All of them of greater or lesser intensity or duration, of a professional or personal nature. The daily practice of meditation has become today the most powerful tool that I have ever used to incorporate greater diligence and vision in my day to day, both for the resolution of conflicts and for the enjoyment of small moments. I notice it and the people around me notice it. Every day I know myself a little better by being more present in everything I do. Every day I learn to listen to others better. I concentrate better. I have more energy, more creativity. I focus on problems more accurately. I don’t get off balance as easily as before. I am more patient. Obviously, I have a long way to go. I’ve only been meditating for 106 days. If the beginning of the road is so fascinating, what will be the next 106, and the following and the following … Thank you Josep María for teaching me the technique and for spending your time teaching it to so many other people.”

“I approached meditation almost by chance, it was something not sought after, although from the beginning the practical application resulted in important changes in my way of being, acting, perceiving, anticipating … fundamental and complementary verbs in professional management.

Learn to integrate objectives with values and begin to be aware that with learning, routine and perseverance we can strengthen our brain exponentially.

In my personal field a greater degree of rest, tranquility, reduction of intensity and stress of being able to participate in my environment in fullness of family faculties.

In short, a very good experience with continuity and applicability in the demanding environment that we live.”

A pleasure to have known the path of Meditation, this intimate moment, previously unknown, has given me a lot of serenity and emotional well-being”

“I did not know meditation and through this course I have learned the mechanics and has provided me with well-being and inner peace, the problems now do not become so great and I face them with more tranquility”

“During this course I have routinely incorporated the practice of meditation, I have used the method to understand and understand its process. With daily dedication I am fully aware of the improvements that I have provided: clarity in solving problems, memory capacity, control of emotions and mental agility.”

“I started the meditation course looking for a tool that helps me cope with my daily life as a carer for my sick relative. Once the course is over, I can not be more than grateful and satisfied, since meditation has passed To be part of my life. With daily practice I have achieved the emotional balance and the physical energy I needed. Right now I think that, for me, meditating is already a must!”

“For two months I have meditated and I have noticed a change, I bring peace and serenity. What I like about this method is that it is done in a practical and simple way, that everyone can practice. I am totally determined not to leave it, for the benefits it gives me. Thanks so much, Josep Maria!”


“Thanks to the course I have met meditation from the theoretical and practical point of view, incorporating it into my daily life. I have increased in clarity and well-being without a doubt!”

“The course of Meditation has given me the tools to live life consciously, where before there was darkness now there is mental clarity and strength to move forward without fear”

“For the first time I have introduced myself to the world of meditation and I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised. A great tool for LIVE LIFE!”

“My brain was always moving, exhausting me on many occasions and in such a way that it was impossible for me to control it. The practice of yoga helped to remit the symptoms, but it was not enough to achieve well-being and inner calm. The Josep Maria Clopés meditation course has finally helped me to take control over my body, and what I called “the brain of the monkey” has disappeared. Now I sleep much better, I manage my emotions and I take distance from the problems. Achieving inner peace is priceless, in a society that is incessant in demands and obligations, and meditating becomes indispensable to successfully survive the daily tsunami. I recommend it without a doubt to achieve a healthier and more balanced life.”

“When I started to see the meditation course I was a bit reticent. However, I have observed that, during the course, I have noticed positive changes in all senses: more inner peace, more patience, balance and positive energy. I deeply thank JOSEP M CLOPES for having guided me on this Path of personal growth.”

“For me it has been a course in which I have discovered that it is worth spending some time in meditation for the benefits they have brought to my life, since I have noticed great changes as I feel more sure of myself, not me. They affect both the negative things and my self-esteem and my vision of life is more positive.”

“The meditation course has been The door to a new spirit. A more serene, productive and happy spirit. A path accompanied and followed by brutal changes, which have changed the perspective my eyes offered to me before, when I was” asleep. “Meditation now molds my day to day, making it smoother, and it is that time no longer escapes me between my fingers. Sempré thanked the being so lucky to know about this world being so young. Thank you.”

“Although I had been meditating for some time now, it is in this course and this technique where I have achieved the mental silence I wanted. More clarity and general well-being. Thanks.”

“Through this course I have experienced the benefits of meditation thanks to the eminently practical methodology taught by Josep Mª Clopés. The course has allowed me to integrate it into everyday life and enjoy the benefits of creativity, concentration, and better emotional management with daily practice. Thanks!”

“I started the meditation course, in a time of change of service in my work, with a great burden of stress and anxiety, meditation helped me a lot to be able to focus and reduce this stress. All the help that Josep María Clopés offered me, thank you very much for everything, especially for the teachings of this tool as valid as meditation, which has given me serenity, peace, and energy to better manage my day to day, both Labor level as personal.

‘A before and after in my life, it hooks you forever’ ”

“This Advanced Meditation course has provided me with the serenity and clarity necessary to decide my personal and professional goals, and have the strength to begin to take on those decisions that will help me to get close to these goals.”

“I came looking for a method to incorporate meditation in my day to day and I assure you that I found it. In addition, I have gained awareness, presence, ability to observe and much happiness. Thank you Josep Maria for making us part of this well of millennium wisdom.”

“I have been fortunate to have started in meditation; for me, a great discovery with real results, applicable in my life both personal and professional. Thanks Josep M.ª “

“The course of Superior of Meditation – Siddhis has taken me beyond what I thought, it is the door that allows to undertake a brutal change in life, to reconnect with what is really important.” Josep M. is a Very attentive teacher besides being a very good person.”

“Honestly, I was always quite incredulous or suspicious of meditation, probably to that condition of wanting to have everything under control … either because of my Engineer training or that I already incorporated it as a series, but thanks to an invaluable and reiterative recommendation, I pointed to the Advanced Meditation course.

From the first minute, when Josep Mª Clopés began to distill wisdom, I realized that it had been a success and that this was my ideal space at that moment.

My closest environment (that of the invaluable recommendation), is aware of my lifestyle that is none other than always “go plugged” and meditation has changed my life 100%. The experience of meditation has given me serenity, distance from problems, greater capacity for analysis, greater creativity, a daily energy plus at the same time focusing that energy where really necessary … to mention a few benefits.

Also on a personal level, the habit of meditation offers me every day a free and extra time for me.
Sometimes we obfuscate in looking for complicated solutions to change our way of life, but with meditation and discipline the solution is very simple.”

“At the beginning, I was reluctant to the possible benefits that meditation could bring me, however, I agreed to the completion of the course and can now prove that these benefits were notorious a few days after their initiation, completely eliminating the feeling of anguish and to a large extent the stress. Now I can say that I am fully convinced about the benefits that meditation can bring us to get to see life with greater perspective, serenity, and of course, happiness as a conductive thread at all times.”

“Despite my initial reluctance, I forgot my fears and started the training program, along with all the colleagues in the office.
I can assert that it has been an extraordinary experience, which has given me a lot on a personal level, and that at the labor level has been even more positive if none.”

Testimony dedicated to Josep Maria Clopés and meditation
“First of all, I want to tell you that it was luck to find you on the path of life, dear Josep Maria.
Getting to know you has been a gift and learning the technique of meditation on your experience and your knowledge has been revealing and the best thing that has happened to me in a long time.
Thanks for teaching me this millennium technique that has brought so many benefits to me for the health and personal well-being.
Meditation has helped me in many ways, has allowed me to regulate physiology better, has served me in critical moments to recover lost energy and to perform more, it has been very good for me to release the tension in weeks of very stress and a frantic pace of work, and has also helped me to be able to reconcile sleep in specific episodes of insomnia.
In summary, meditation has helped me find myself better, but above all to improve aspects related to health, mental potential and personal performance.
The final conclusion is that thanks to the practice of meditation I have gained in quality of life.
Thank you for sharing this treasure so precious and disseminating it to anyone who needs it.
Thank you very much for everything Josep Maria !!!”

Now that I have finished the course, I have made the three-day retreat and now that I have finally been able to get myself to the meditation without mental obstacles or psychological aggregates – it’s not for me, I do not know, I can not stop Thoughts, I have too much work to stop … – I can say with all sincerity that meditation has changed my life – or this life has saved me and some others. I speak from objectivity: better results at work, much more energy and more intuition, changes in people around me and change the perception they had of me … For example, the other This message was sent to me by whitsApp (which, for me, is very special because I was the one who wrote them up to now):

“Thank you in a special way, you are the only one and a great person. company and we have already fitted, now you have made me get the most human warmth of everything. Thank you, thank you and thanks for helping me all together. I hope you know how to live up to it and never fail yourself. you know. Life also has these good things that you believe in the way with great people like you. A huge kiss for all of us all!”

You have been preparing this course for many years because you wanted to achieve the success of your students, you are like a “serene” who lights up in the dark. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. My moment came and it appeared. I will always be grateful to you. A big hug.

“I decided to do the Advanced Meditation Course, based on the personal idea that had already begun a little more than a year ago, at a self-taught level in Meditation, by personal intuition, which is a fundamental tool to find my personal and professional balance.
I understood that the part of physical development as a release of stress, was already being done, but that I lacked a mental and psychic part, which is a great unknown to our Western society.
In my previous “meditations” (with music, silent, guided, etc.), I did not finish seeing if it was correct, and if it was an appropriate methodology.
I had references from Josep Mª, but I previously informed myself if I could do some other type of Meditation Course.
After attending his initial talk, I valued:

1. That the course is developed with 8 sessions, which allows you to start with a constant in meditation.
2. That allows you the doubts that are generated during these meditations are resolved or commented on.
3. That allows you to see your development and personal changes, and that reaffirms you by continuing to meditate.

This course has helped me improve at the Personal and Professional level, for my ability to understand that the changes do NOT start in your environment, because the main change is ONE, I can not change the people around me. which are important for my life, but, if I am more focused, emotionally balanced, I get the break that everyone perceives and which makes it a return with relationships.
This is what has given me this course and therefore I would like to thank you for having met Josep Mª, from which I can confirm its prestige and credibility in the transmissions of this millennial method, and their ability to respect their own beliefs and needs of each participant of the course, obtaining that each one could find the answers to his needs.
And I would also like to thank all the people with whom I agreed on the course, something of their opinions, and on their way, helping you to improve and resolve your doubts that are many times everyone.
I continue to meditate, something I want to be part of my life, as an essential part of myself.”

“We live in accelerated times away from the slow pace of Nature. In addition speed, more superficiality. In order to recover the inner calm and reconnect with the Universe, meditation is a great help. Certainly there are many techniques, but what teaches, with scientific rigor, Josep M Clopés has captivated me for his extraordinary simplicity. It is aseptic and to do it, only a little determination is needed. Souls.”

“For anyone who may be interested in my testimony and be inspired.

I met José M through a legal services provider who told me about him and what he does.

When I started the advanced meditation training course, my personal state of physical and mental health was very critical. For three months, I followed the advanced meditation program, and it has been key in my recovery of health.

Meditation has been a real find in my life. During these three months, since I started practicing meditation on a regular basis, I have achieved very significant improvements. I emphasize the strong increase in the feeling of inner peace and happiness that is the basis of enjoying life; I have significantly improved my emotional response, with a calmer attitude and action; I have improved my ability to calm down and relax in the face of daily challenges; I have a significant increase in positivity that has allowed me to feel that it improved my quality of life and that I better manage conflict situations in a more decisive way. I can say that I feel an internal growth and a better understanding of my personal resources and how to use them effectively and efficiently to respond to daily demands as personal as professional. I have also found that I have improved relations with my personal and professional environment.

I can affirm that the regular practice of advanced meditation has contributed in all these improvements in a very high percentage, more than 75%.

I encourage you to incorporate the practice of advanced meditation into your life.”

“As a billiard elite player, in the championships you need some key personal functions to win: high level of concentration, inner calmness and mental clarity.

Meditation has become a tool that allows me to achieve these values ​​in a systematic way. I have noticed that my level of energy is also increasing, and the ability to free myself from the stress and accumulated tensions; I have gained more perspective and a better response to the daily challenges, increasing the ability to solve problems, and more self-confidence.

The daily practice of meditation has improved my quality of life: personal well-being, creativity and relationship with the environment.”

“Coincidence, curiosity and trust with Josep Maria, he has introduced me to the practice of meditation, and at this moment, my feminine intuition (which never hurts me) makes me feel absolute confidence that is the tool that strengthens our path to full knowledge, and, therefore, our personal improvement and as a species. Thanks Josep Maria”

“Thanks to the advanced Meditation course, I have incorporated daily meditation into my life with enthusiasm, confidence and gratitude.

For years, I had tried to meditate on many occasions, and I had always abandoned it, because I believed that I was doing it wrong and that it was of no use to me. Thanks to this course, I know that the thoughts that come to me while I am meditating, do not mean that I am doing it wrong, but are part of the release of tensions of the nervous system, are a form of cleanliness and I no longer fight against them, the I observe and accept them. This has been the key to me, along with the abandonment of expectations about what a meditation should be. There are no good or bad meditations, all are CORRECT and I will take a phrase from Josep María: “THE IMPORTANT IS NOT WHAT HAPPENS DURING MEDITATION, BUT WHAT HAPPENS AFTER MEDITATION”.

In the professional field, meditation to date, has given me a greater performance in my work, more mental clarity and more enthusiasm. On a personal level, more inner peace and trust. I recommend this course to all people who want to get more peace in their lives and a greater and better performance in their work. And as for Josep María Clopés, I do not have words of gratitude enough, he is a person who believes in what he does and applies it in his day to day life and the result is, Peace and calm that transmits his Presence. Infinite thanks for the work you do and for being part of my life Josep Maria.”

“This technique gives you serenity, positivity, more efficiency and also more relativity to day to day problems. A great find.”

“Meditation has become a fundamental tool in my daily routine. I provide rest, calm, energy, push, serenity, optimism, performance and health. And with daily practice I see how these benefits are consolidating.”

The results of meditation are obvious. On a personal level, the practices of meditation in which I have been trained, have been and are totally satisfactory. I can not understand how he was able to advance with all the weights and pressures applied without the necessary tools to manage it.

The truth, to this day I have reached a point of no return to the initial situation, being thus more professional and better person, not to mention the enormous illusion and satisfaction that I feel in everything I do.”

“Completing the course allowed me to pick up pace in the practice of meditation to experience the importance of stop every day and understand the dynamics and experience all that is achieved though not “a meditation “book”. For me, this issue was important not to discourage me when meditation is not “nice” or seem shallow, because it has been one of the key pieces to continue and do it consistently. I trust not ever leave it. Thanks!”


“For me it has been the missing piece in my personal puzzle, it has transformed my life to all levels, personal, professional, family … everything that involves my day to day. It has become the pillar of my life , I have realized that we are beings with extraordinary potential and “MEDITATION” takes you by the hand to discover that potential without limits, it is extraordinary, I give thanks for everything I have and all that I am like BE.”

“I have learned a way of fundamental relaxation, which allows us to release thoughts and relax the mind.

As one who does a stretch and sees the immediate benefits in muscle, meditation has allowed me to see very similar benefits, sleep much better, reduce stress, improve concentration, etc.

The brain, the great unknown, for the first time we are able to “work” with him and the great beneficiary is us.

For me the course is essential and has given me a knowledge that today is priceless.”

“There are many studies that say that meditation reduces stress levels, improves health and mental acuity … which to me has given me a new perspective and a change of attitude and consequently my life has experienced a higher degree of happiness, increased self-awareness and self-esteem and a deeper understanding of my personal universe. I think the purpose of life is spiritual growth, and I discovered that meditation is a great way to dignify our existence.”

“The practice of meditation brings me calm and serenity. Life goes on, and I feel that I manage it more consciously and less automatically. I decide in each moment without the emotions taking control. It’s simpler.”

“Through this course I have started the path of meditation. Without a doubt a great discovery that has brought me peace, energy and a better quality of life.”

And let the time
Invent every moment,
That the odors
Take me the name of each thing,
That the colors
Tell me what time it is
That the light
Point me at each step,
That the wind
Accompany every thought.
Essaouira, to be and only to be. ”

“Meditation has helped me in the creative process”

“Meditation allows me to calm the mind and make clean thoughts that kept my body still tense, creating problems of stress and anxiety. Now I finish the day rested, relaxed and stress free. I improved the health and quality of life.”

“After the course of meditation and practice it every day I come to get things that initially neither expected nor imagined. Many things all good. And the more it shows exactly when a few days without meditating. It Becomes an obligatory daily activity.”

“In my work, the level of demand is very high because of the level of risk you assume when you advise companies, wealth, investments, profitability, etc. In this sense, meditation has been and is a tool that has increased my Mental potential in areas such as: creativity, memory, daily management of scenarios, attention and concentration; I have also increased my sense of inner peace that supposes a greater level of joy and positivity. It has also helped me release stress and improve my physical and mental health. Meditation allows me to calm my mind and resurface with greater self-confidence and significantly improve my time management and decision making. With daily practice I have obtained a relevant recovery and increase of energy. ”
“Although simple, meditation in practice becomes complex; the training program with Josep M. has been fundamental to reach the objectives set. “

“Meditation has opened my mind and made me free.Medit has been for me to open the inner door where I kept the solutions, my creative potential and the tranquility that robbed me of the current rhythm of life.Mediting I have relativized my environment and I have achieved Channel my energy where I really had to do it and it is useful: today”

“It was a good idea to link meditation to certain habits of my daily life so as to establish a consistent routine.
Immediately I noticed rested and better every time, disappeared dramatically menstrual cramps (¡no longer take painkillers!); not very difficult to continue meditating.
Now comes also gladly take a walk in the woods and away from the city and seems to live this calmness of meditation multiplied by thousands.
It also makes me lazy to argue, especially since I notice very little or alive unconsciousness widespread criticism.
With meditation has grown exponentially my creativity.
Let me continue surprising meditation. I have 37 years but very endearing enthusiasm I made these discoveries about myself.
‘We are scale replicas of the Universe’ and our life is governed by the same laws of nature that create and sustain the Universe.”

“Meditation has changed my life. From meditating every day I am more connected with myself and with my life purpose. Meditation allows me to achieve mental calmness, relaxation of the body, inner peace, being more present for others, concentrating better, to expand the potential of the mind and to act from the consciousness on the day. Meditate each day is now a habit that accompanies me to live more consciously and achieve a more authentic, deeper happiness.”

“Meditate 20 minutes twice a day, that’s the challenge. After doing it for 3 months, I noticed two great benefits. Firstly, on an individual level: today I am more prepared to take my day to day in an efficient and balanced way, managing much better the stress and the demand that my job entails. And this makes me feel happier. Secondly, and of this I am very proud, as a team. All of my management team, with whom we have done the program together, has incorporated the practice of meditation, even the most skeptical, and also the most pragmatic. From the practice of meditation we have experienced and reflected on things that have made us grow as a group.”

“Previously, I had tried unsuccessfully meditation self-taught. I can only express a deep gratitude Josep Maria for having taught me to meditate easily with a tool to have available whenever you want.
The practice of meditation allows me to enjoy positive of my human experience, living the present and recovering a self that was lost or even know, helping me to have more mental clarity, physical energy and focus on the most relevant moments day by day more positive and a break for the night.

I encourage you to do advanced meditation course, can only bring benefits!
A big hug!!!”

“Through meditation I have experienced increased energy and greater calmness and clarity when making decisions every day.”

“From always thought that meditation could bring me positive things and so I had tried to do, to no avail. But with the course of Advanced Meditation when I could set the daily habit and see some benefits from the first session to realize how fascinating it is meditation and helpful it can be for each of us.

It’s like the super-hero awakening that we all have within us and we can become. ”

“Meditation has been a personal discovery of great value to me. It has given me inner peace, greater mental clarity and concentration; It has also given me a significant increase in daily energy and a better relationship with my emotional experiences; I have seen how improved my decision and time management; I am more positive, effective and efficient in solving conflict situations; It has increased my sense of self-confidence. If the values mentioned are important, it has been a real surprise the almost immediate, collateral benefits of the disappearance of lumbar and cervical pain and digestive discomfort that wore my quality of life. ”

“I really think that if all meditate, the world would be better.”

“I started in meditation with the intention to better manage pain. In practice it has been much more than that, it has been to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It has given me vital energy, fulfillment, and a better perspective and managing day to day things. I’m sure it will be an indispensable tool in my way of healing and personal growth.”

“I was very pleasantly surprised by the prospect that meditation has to offer, clear concise and very practical. For me there is a before and after of this course of advanced meditation, because I now have a new personal tool for improving my quality of life, both professionally and personally. A training at an excellent professional level. José María thank you very much!”

“Personally I am very glad I learned to meditate. Discovering the benefits that meditation brings to oneself, and as a result, are projected into our environment, is surprising and very rewarding. Everyone should meditate! I think that everything that meditation brings is good! I recommend it to everyone who asks me or is interested in it!”

“In a profession such as a veterinary clinic of small pets, where rapid decision-making to ensure the health and welfare of our patients translates into obvious emotional consequences for our customers, and therefore, an intrinsic professional and moral responsibility, meditation gives me a daily break, the necessary space and time to discover, observe and reorganize the physiology and functioning of my inner self so as to become a better version of me acting out things every day.”

“With a few weeks of daily practice of meditation, I’ve made a lot of improvements in my life, which I hope is going to increase as time goes by. I get a better night’s rest which allows me to face the day with more energy and positivity. It has helped shorten recovery time after working long hours and to maintain a high level of concentration with a greater ability to solve problems, necessary to address changes in my job.”

“I’ve been interested and very satisfied with the advanced Meditation course. I consider Josep Maria Clopés to be an expert in the art of teaching meditation and appreciate his accuracy in the answers to questions that other colleagues or myself made throughout the sessions. I would like to add that the two daily 20-minute meditations, now incorporated into my life are providing me with a great service, in terms of my relationship with the different environments around me, and myself. “

“Meditation has allowed me to strengthen my identity (personal, professional and corporate) while it has helped me to isolate the constant avalanche of preconceived ideas, distractions and noise to which we are constantly subjected. This evident fact reinforces who we are, where we go, and what we want, and what we don´t want, and gives us the strength and clarity to make courageous and valuable decisions that lifts us out of our routine and comfort zone . We see further, and we generate the strength to move in the direction of our aims and purposes, Physically, I managed to regulate a complicated situation of sleep imbalance and, thanks to the programs of long meditation, I am now able to break with hyperactivity, and start complete cycles of 8 hours rest. This has been a very significant qualitative improvement, along with increased energy. It has marked a before and after in my life.”

“Meditation has opened a wonderful door to transforming my life. It has given me clarity, order, balance, calm and an eagerness to move forward. It is undoubtedly the best gift I can make for myself every day.”

“Meditation has opened to me a door to consciousness. It is a wonderful tool to use. With meditation I started down a path to self-knowledge and comprehension, of what happens to me and what’s happening in the world. Thus, it is possible to have perspective and take decisions day by day.”

“The advanced meditation program has opened a door for me to a new point of personal change and growth. A more accurate awareness of all actions and thoughts that make up my day, and helps me to be more present, have more confidence, and be effective in my decision making.”

“Sometimes it seems that meditation is as empty of mental and emotional noise. And then you feel fresher, more awake, lighter… with an energy that comes out from the gap of that noise.”

“For some time I wanted to meditate, but with so many techniques, schools… I went, couldn’t find the system, protocol, form… that fits in with my way of being and scientific mentality. With José Maria I have found a scientific coherence, which justifies the effects of meditation combined with a simple but highly effective technique. I no longer have to search for more. I’ve found my ‘method’. It is very simple but very powerful… Thank you!!!”

“I have always believed that there are no coincidences in life, and in this case with more reason than ever, as to meet Jose Maria, almost accidentally, and delve together with my wife in the course of advanced meditation has been a real change in my life, and of course, no coincidence. I have the feeling of having started a road, without return, in the self-knowledge of my own abilities, with a dramatic improvement in my health, as well as an autonomy that seemed to be hidden, and which has finally emerged after many years of competing with myself. Now I share the view that we have a real that everyone should know about and grow with. I have only words of gratitude and satisfaction to say about this.”

“Meditation is my refuge everyday.”

“In an environment with excessive demands and the economic crises in the construction sector, meditation gives me inner peace and happiness, increasing my mental abilities. It has also allowed me to develop the ability to release stress and anxiety that ruins health. At the same time it has increased my self-confidence, improved my decision making, having more energy, and being positive about daily challenges.”

“I was recommended to do the meditation course with Josep Maria. If it had been by choice I think I would never have done so. My way of being and acting is the polar opposite of meditation. I tried to go to the course without any prejudices, because for me, even before the meditation course it sounded far off, as it was bland. For me the advanced meditation course has been a great discovery. When I meditate I’m calmer, not overwhelmed because of problems, I can see them from a better perspective, I see them clearer and it´s easier to address them. At work I have better concentration and I am more effective. One very important issue is energy, and another is the ability to do things. During the course I had very demanding work situations and went without sleep, but with the meditation I didn’t feel tired and was able to work long hours feeling refreshed. I have amazing energy when I meditate.”

“As an expert in meditation, Josep Maria is a great teacher, which dominates meditation as anyone, it’s clear and didactic.”

“The future of children is in the hands of children. The happiness of the children is in the hands of teachers who meditate.”

“During meditation often I soaked in an extraordinary peace. Throughout the day, I savor calmly daily coexistence.”

“Since I meditate, quietly and steadily, an overwhelming vital coherence has been permanently installed in my actions.”

“It is surprising that meditation can generate so much energy.”

“Meditation has given me much more benefit than any other practice that I have experienced, including, more power, much greater calmness, better health and better management of the environment.”

“Meditation has given me more energy every day and I am mentally and physically much better.
To achieve this, I just needed to follow the course and practice every day. And the results were seen after the first session.
It has been a big discovery! Thank you!”

“Meditation brings me serenity to deal with day to day life and increases my self-confidence, which has improved considerably, and managing the problems that crop up.”

“We often confuse meditation with relaxation. Thanks to this course I discovered that meditation goes much further. It allows me to be more alert and active throughout all the day.”

“Through meditation I’ve gotten rid of the stress and permanent anxiety I suffered, providing a better way to handle everyday situations.”

“Meditation has provided me with much inner peace and serenity in my day to day life.”

“Learning meditation and incorporating this tool into my life has allowed me to make the most of my professional life and given me the ability to manage my day to day life assertively and without stress.”

“After trying different methods to meditate with, this is the first time that I have succeeded. The advice and the methods of the course allowed me to start along this great path, which has led me, amongst other things, to a greater inner peace.”

“Reading and constantly seeking I have gone deeper into the possibilities we have, the potential of every human being. By understanding how this potential works and how we can use the energy we are, opens up an amazing new world. This is exciting and really very interesting.”

“With José M. Clopés advanced meditation course it has helped me to progress from theory to practice, and I have to say that I am really satisfied with the results. It is clear that the results come with constant practice, but for me, it is equally clear that when you practice more, the more you like it.”

“After testing several types of “safety valves” (running, yoga, etc) with the aim of controlling stress and discomfort caused by this hamster wheel called work; I was recommended to do this advanced meditation course, and it has really been a luxury to know firsthand, and in such detail, the technique of meditation, and all its background… and break with the typical idea that “meditation is to relax and focus on an image”… no, it´s a lot more than that.”

“It is certainly not an easy habit to take on board, the same as everything in this life you need discipline; but once you know its benefits, and its high performance, it would be foolish not to use this excellent resource in your day to day life.”

“This course has helped me to take things more in perspective and make a powerful change of attitude in me…”

“With thanks to the great help you have given me to be able to use a tool that was available to me and I didn’t know about, and which I find very beneficial in all every day aspects of my physical, mental, social and spiritual life. I will always be grateful to you for what you have taught me.”

“Meditation helps me to put things into perspective, and therefore, live them in a much calmer way. It also gives me mental clarity and especially, inner peace.”

“Regular practice of meditation has made a significant change at so many levels that I have noticed. As a result, I enjoy a better quality of life both physically and spiritually. I did the course at the time when the demands of work at a vital moment that I was living in, made me work in “survival mode” and I finished the course with enthusiasm, energy and inner peace to cope with my work and my life and the feeling of having a little left over to open up new paths. Frankly, I’m very glad I was able to have access to this knowledge from the point of view so objective and (well) documented, by the hand of a master with such an extensive experience and being capable to communicate it (all).”

“Meditation is opening a door to an unimaginable personal transformation, and I have had the privilege and the opportunity to now have these keys, which led me to cross this threshold and return to find myself and my inner peace, it was a long time that I had lost. It is a state of calmness and dormant feelings that emerge from the depths of your being when you practice meditation.”

“Now with meditation I have learned to separate the wheat from the chaff and be aware of the lack of consciousness in others when I see them needlessly spending energy in discussions or absurd dialogues.”

“Meditation has brought me joy, peace, and at the same time, more physical activity.”

“While I already intuited the value of meditation, when I started to meditate in a systematically way, I found that it was so powerful that I decided to include it not only as a practice for creating a state of personal well-being, but also as a real valuable tool for the development of my professional activity; creative intelligence power and performance in such a way that I have implemented within the developmental processes of the project to enhance and guarantee the performance, productivity and the uniqueness of the creative process. This process depends on the resources of individual talents and of the team, and meditation gives me an increase in mental powers, creativity and effectiveness. I have found that it is a tool that makes me more competitive against a very demanding market in the level of quality and response times. I have also seen improvements in creating a good working environment among our employees, which integrates values such as serenity, clarity, positivity, effective management of conflicts, time, decision making, etc., to cite some I have found relevant.”

“Meditating I have conquered a bit more confidence in myself and in life. The quiet background that allows me to live with me more aware.”

“Hello, I’m Irene Villa, and I will tell you something personal with the desire to inspire you and to be helpful.
Two months after giving birth, combining work with discomforts, weight gain, plus 8 kilos in a body, and as many know, incomplete, weighing heavily on those two titanium prosthesis whose lace sometimes hurt too much, and exhaustion, it was becoming a real ordeal.
I’m not a first time mother, but it’s said that the second pregnancy is usually harder, also I´m 36 years old… the fact is that this time I do daily exercise, which has always been my biggest ally, competing since 2007 in alpine skiing adapted, and also at European level, or a healthy diet, I try to always keep to by strict necessity, if I want to lead an active life, was able to help me deal with that lack of energy, poor performance and crashes in the middle of creating my second
novel, which I blamed on the absorption of the baby growing inside, for all my energy and creativity losses.
However, meeting Josep Maria and meditation has been a revelation. From the first session I began to feel very positive results. With a good teacher the results are wonderful in our physical and mental health. Reduce anxiety and keep that inner peace which improves the relationship with ourselves and therefore we have with others is more affordable for all with 20 minutes of meditation, twice a day. I’ve found how beneficial it is to meditate for creativity, but also for the digestive system work better and feel more vital and energetic.
I finally found something that is serving me to cope with the work that I still have before giving birth to my second child! And above all a tool that I will continue using for all my life because it gives me strength and power my abilities, but beneficial in the care effects, memory, verbal fluency, executive function, attention, processing speed, conflict management… are more reasons than enough to go through this unexplored inner world inside the voice of ommm.”

“I´m surprised to see how in a small space of time I have obtained great results with meditation. I have improved in all the aspects of my life that I really needed to, more concentration, performance, self-confidence, decision-making…”

“I didn’t realize that this technique would bring me so much, now I can’t imagine my life without it.”

“I’ve been able to experience a radical change in my life through meditation, order, clarity, patience, inner peace and especially wellbeing, which are the most notable benefits. The perception of the environment changes completely, and the increase of energy enhances it to incredible proportions.”

“I think there are people that have come to be masters in this life, and I can assure you that one of the best I’ve ever had is Josep M. Clopés, thank you friend.”

“Meditation has brought me great peace, mental agility and creativity. What most surprised me was the ability that it has given me to identify and prioritize the important tasks that my day to day tasks in the company require. For me, the course has really been a before and after moment (in my life). It’s like having an endless source of energy. Many thanks José Maria!”

“In the advanced meditation course, I have understood, after many attempts, what meditation really is and how to practice it. I’ve run out of excuses that there is no time to meditate in. When I see every day that I live with more inner peace, more harmony and all that this implies in my life. I realize that I have finally found what I was looking for. What still amazes me is that so simple and so affordable a tool generates such profound changes.”

“Many thanks to Josep M. Clopés for his teaching, and helping us in this wonderful way on our journey of personal growth and development.”

“Meditation has given me what I was looking for, and is an inner balance, it stops me blaming myself for not having time for anything, and enjoy more of the pleasures of this road called life, with more creativity, motivation, energy and overall happiness.”

“Josep Maria Clopés is an exceptional teacher with a great professionalism, which was what led me to the world of meditation, and that is why I’m very grateful and very happy.”

“For me meditation has been like opening a window onto a new world. It has given me energy, power, creativity, patience and I have been able to stop fighting against myself. I have found in meditation the key to meet the great challenges of life with peace, happiness and with an overall balance.”

“The practice of meditation is a gateway to the world, a world of possibilities, personal resources, skills that are developed, and growth in all the aspects that enable people to stop fighting with themselves, and to live in a state of equilibrium and peace. This new state of calm and balance which allows you to see new perspectives, new ways, new options, increasing your skills and abilities and also increasing effectiveness and efficiency in your professional development. From a personal point of view, this state of balance and peace, will facilitate a better relationship with people and gives you a feeling of gratitude, appreciation and generosity towards others. I am deeply grateful, and from the bottom of my heart, to have had Josep M. Clopés, who has guided me along this path, of peace, balance and fullness. Without him, it wouldn’t have been possible.”

“Meditation brings me serenity of mind, a more positive orientation, to separate the important things from the unnecessary, and a greater empathy with the people closest to me…”

“Meditation has brought me more benefits, initially in sleeping; now I sleep better! I remember the dreams! And I’ve noticed that since then, I am more sensitive to the needs of my body!”

“I began to meditate and my perception of life took an important turn: I have learned to channel my energy, I am more aware of the value of the small everyday things, I have more inner peace and personal balance, better in managing my work and personal time, and I notice a significant improvement in my physical well-being.”

“Meditation helps me not to do things in a rush anymore, and I have the feeling of being well situated and I feel calmer.”

“I have observed that meditation made me more patient, more tolerant, qualities that in today’s world are necessary to survive.”

“When I started the meditation course, I closed my eyes and felt inside me the chaos and mental agitation. Slowly and with practice my mind calmed down and I began to feel a great serenity and a feeling of fullness that is manifested in my everyday life.”

“I’ve been able to rebuild my working life successfully. Looks like my head won in capacity, living with a positive stress and resting my eyes. I remember my red eyes and always tired, because of an illness when I was little. More things could be added as the drop in my blood pressure. My life now, with meditation as a tool is more effective, more active, and more open and peaceful.”

“Trading in the stock market is a very demanding activity and meditation has been a tool that has made a difference in my ability to access a state of the maximum amount of resources available.”

“Meditation goes beyond personal relaxation time, but it also gives you this small feeling of well-being. Meditation has helped me to rediscover my way. It brought me harmony, inner peace, acceptance of the environment, more energy and mental clarity, agility and creativity. Meditation is not a religion it is a habit of life.”

“The practice of meditation gives me more perspective and serenity in any situation.”

“Meditation, with many years of perseverance and practice, has given me knowledge and a sense of connection to the deepest part of my being.”

“I can only feel a deep gratitude for having been given this tool, meditation, in its simplicity, purity, clarity and accuracy. Incorporating it into my daily life has been for me the beginning of a great journey of discovery: a greater inner silence, a deeper peace, the joy of simply being, feel love, both part of a whole, cozy and perfect and an all-harmonious and complete meditation is for me the silent tuning fork that refines daily rope my own interior, as part of a large instrument. It is also a highly motivated feel like own perseverance to vibrate today more in tune that yesterday propels the other strings, those people with whom I meet in life, in at a professional and personal level, to find the way to your own vibration.”

“In a world where often the things that are urgent make us lose sight of what is important, meditation allows me access to a space of silence, clarity and knowledge that makes the right decisions become obvious.”

“Meditation has provided me with clarity for the development of my work.”

“When I started the meditation course I was led by an intuition and the need to act in my life… some might imagine that I would change in such a short time; the large increase in inner peace that has transformed my everyday life, overcoming anxiety and fears, feeling a better quality of life, improving my decision making and time management, patience, and my relationships with my surroundings… all change begins in yourself.”