Executive Meditation: “Meditation and life after life” (part 3)

(Video in Spanish) As a result of the great reception of the first and second parts on this member and exciting topic, Josep M Clopés is again challenged by Imma Arias’ questions in the framework of the Tevecat Radio / Television program. Is meditation the tool to connect with the afterlife? What is the Event Horizon? Are there manifestations of people who have died? Can these manifest themselves? Can mediums be a way of contact with loved ones who have died? Is there telepathy? … and many more ask. Josep M., offers us a serene, reflective and objective vision to complex questions providing greater clarity. He suggests that meditation is the tool to enhance our perception and take it beyond physical limits, open our mind and achieve a greater understanding of reality. An eye-opening interview!

Executive Meditation: Meditation and Life After Life (COMB)

(Video in Catalan) In this conference within the framework of the illustrious Official College of Physicians of Barcelona, ​​Josep M Clopés makes a brilliant and enlightening exposition of the value of meditation as a tool to answer the question if there is life after life. The conference passes through reflections on the equivalences in the Universe: black holes, near death experiences (NDE), meditation, neurophysiology of meditation, opening of the senses and expansion of the mind. Josep M generously exposes three personal near-death experiences and describes the common elements of NDEs. He also exposes the relationship between meditation and quantum physics. The profound significance of the discovery of the Higgs boson and the proposition that consciousness is the unified field of natural law. Meditation allows us to access information from the “event horizon”. An impressive conference that will not leave you indifferent!

Executive Meditation: Meditation and the Origin of Consciousness

(Video in Spanish) A challenging and exciting interview. Josep M Clopés defines the concept of consciousness and addresses the origin of consciousness. Is matter, the brain, the origin of consciousness or is consciousness the origin of matter? The interview navigates between the vision of artificial intelligence and modern physics to reflect on the origin of consciousness. He brilliantly traces the reversal of the origin of consciousness and states that existence itself has its origin in consciousness. Is meditation the door to consciousness? Our mind and brain have the ability to touch the creative intelligence of nature within ourselves. It is an interview that leads us toward an understanding of our role in the Universe. Fascinating!

Executive Meditation: Meditation and Life After Life (Part 2)

(Video in Spanish) As a result of the great reception of the first part on this member and passionate subject, Josep M Clopés is again questioned by Imma Arias’ questions in the framework of the Tevecat Radio / Television program. Is meditation a tool that can give us certainty about life after life? Can meditation help us connect with people who are in the afterlife? To a direct question from Imma, Josep M reveals a direct experience of “lifting of the soul” at the time of transition of a relative on the deathbed. Details of near and dead-like experience are described, in a state of wakefulness and meditation. How the near death experience overcomes the fear of death. How meditation opens portals of perception that leads us to understand the mysteries of life and death. An interview full of details. A daring interview, about the mystery of existence after life.

Executive Meditation: Meditation and Life After Life (Part 1)

(Video in Spanish) Impressive interview! Josep M Clopés addresses Imma Arias’s challenging questions about meditation and life after life. Is there life after this life? Is meditation the tool to answer this momentous question? We can perceive the subtle states of our existence and other dimensions. From the present moment, from physical life, we can experience different dimensions and presence of beings.
The meaning of near death experiences. And he addresses the cycle of life and reincarnation. Our real opportunity is in life. Death is a transition in the infinite cycle. Passionate and hypnotizing interview, full of details that addresses Consciousness as the source of power.

Executive Meditation: Has meditation been overrated? Truth or myth

(Video in Spanish) A powerful and challenging interview! Josep M Clopés addresses Imma Arias’s challenging questions about the truth or myth of meditation. Scientific research on meditation has shed some light on uncovering the myth of meditation, or more than a myth it is a powerful tool. The difference between meditation and contemplative practices. An interview full of valuable details that captures you and immerses you on the brink of a new era. Discovering the power of meditation. Essential!

Executive Meditation: I have trouble meditating

(Audio in Catalan) Impressive interview with Gaspar Hernández’s l’Ofici de Viure space (Catalunya Radio). Josep M Clopés accompanied by Manel Saltor, professor of meditation in mindfulness and vipassana, writer of the book “Open Mind”, delves into the details of the difficulties of the practice of meditation. Why are there people who find it difficult to meditate? Does not everyone have access to the state of meditation? Do you have to be trained to manage your own mind to meditate? These and many other questions are addressed with a wealth of details that lead us to become aware that although the concept of meditation is simple in practice, it is more complex. If you are someone who tries meditation, you will feel badly identified with the descriptions. If you are someone who already practices meditation on a regular basis, you will see details of great value. And if you are still someone who has never dared to meditate, then you will find inspiration to do so. In short, an interview with details that will surprise you. Essential!

Executive Meditation: Meditation and Contemplation

(Audio in Catalan) Impressive and powerful interview! Gaspar Hernández addresses meditation and contemplation in an interview with three in his space” L’Ofici de Viure “on Catalunya Radio. Together with Miriam Subirana, Josep M. Clopés addresses the challenge of meditation and contemplation through a powerful vision of the future of the role of advanced meditation in the transformation of our life and society. Meditation represents the activation of consciousness, we vibrate the consciousness in its purest state and we make the values ​​of intelligence emerge creative nature that resides within ourselves at the level of the conscious mind. Meditation is a powerful tool to take control of our life. Meditation represents a methodology of personal liberation. The meditation allows us to achieve source of the creative intelligence of Nature. We walk towards Self-Realization, Enlightenment, Cosmic Consciousness and Unity. An interview Essential!

Executive Meditation: The importance of Meditation at the present time, how can it help us?

(Audio in Spanish) Interview conducted by Imma Arias within the framework of the Camí a l’Èxit i Tvecat program. Josep M Clopés explains in a clear and masterful way the value of meditation in the current moment of crisis. How meditation can help us overcome our thoughts, emotions, fears and make better decisions. Meditation and our well-being, how meditation influences health. The definition of meditation and the role of different techniques. The impact on human behavior and the key to the sustainability of the Planet. Meditation allows you to bring forth the creative intelligence of Nature. The great personal empowerment tool of the 21st century. A magical and hypnotizing interview. Essential!

Executive Meditation: Leadership, Talent and Meditation: The Transformative Technology of the 21st Century

(Video in Catalan) Conference held at the headquarters of the Col·legi de Metges de Barcelona (CoMB). Presented by Dr. Manuel Sans, Josep M. Clopés introduces us to a deep reflection on the need for conscious leadership to face the greatest crisis of the century. He explains how Advanced Meditation will become the most powerful personal empowerment tool of the 21st century. To do this, he makes a synthesis of the connection of the field of consciousness and the Unified field of the Laws of Nature that quantum physics describes. And how meditation becomes that technology that transforms our physiology and expands the mind. It presents a formidable study, carried out with tools that come from psychology and neuroscience, of the impact on the functioning of the brain through meditation. Scientific evidence of how advanced meditation is formulated as a fundamental tool for personal development. An awesome and must-have webinar!