Executive Meditation: Meditation is the technology of the 21st century?

(Audio in Catalan) A formidable and profound interview. Gaspar Hernández interviews Josep M Clopés (Executive Meditation) to address a new look at Meditation. Is meditation the technology of the 21st century? Josep Mª states that societies that intensely introduce meditation into daily practice as a tool for personal empowerment (leadership) will be more balanced, fair, sustainable and highly powerful. How can we address the challenges and expectations in the short term? Meditation, as a methodology implemented with physical resources (the mind and nervous system) allows the creative intelligence applied to problem solving to emerge effectively and efficiently. A powerful, dynamic and full of details interview that involves a meaningful view of meditation, beyond the transpersonal classic vision. A revealing interview!

Executive Meditation: Conscious Leadership

(Audio in Català). A powerful interview! In a three-way interview, Gaspar Hernández discusses with Josep M Clopés, along with Joan Quintana, Psychologist and Coach, the new leap in leadership: conscious leadership. Principles, integrity, open to intuition, energy, creativity, empathy, inspiration, talent; all this is part of conscious leadership. Josep M. addresses the challenge of conscious leadership from a broad historical perspective, from the recent past to the present moment. The bases of conscious leadership starting from oneself and represents a true quantum leap. The value of meditation in the process of personal development and empowerment of true leadership, conscious! As meditation transforms your look and perception to take charge of your life. The lack of leadership in the politics of the current times. How meditation helps the process of taking leadership to another level, beyond values, to the true higher level of leadership, conscious and connected to the laws of Nature. An essential interview!

Meditation: “Life” A matter of luck ?!

A deep interview! In life, success is a matter of luck? Josep M addresses incisive and important questions about our potential to direct our lives. How to make our inner potential emerge Take the reins of our lives and the value of the inner vision to direct our path to success. The options emerge from within and are organized to take shape and materialize. What are you doing with your time? Have you dedicated your energy? What will your legacy be? Reinvert! And the value of meditation as a tool of transformation. Josep M. masterfully describes the intimate experience of transcendence, a vital experience that produces change and revelation. Internal connection, with Consciousness and with the laws of Nature. Immerse yourself in the deep field of consciousness. Essential!

Meditation: The power of the inner look and the keys to success

A magisterial conference in front of more than 150 businessmen within the framework of the College of Architects of Barcelona. Josep M. develops three ideas: the power of the inner look, the leadership and the keys to success. A personal, intimate and generous testimony that allows us to know more about his career, as a way to authentically illustrate the power of the inner look, leadership through the knowledge of personal talent and values; finally, it addresses the keys to success, and how meditation becomes the fundamental tool to empower us in a definitive way. A conference of great value for its authentic and inspiring messages. Essential!

Executive meditation: Meditation in the Company

A formidable interview! Gaspar Hernández interviews Josep M. Clopés. A complete and challenging interview between Gaspar and Josep Maria. Approaching meditation from multiple dimensions, as a tool for personal, professional and business development , high performance The contribution of meditation value for senior executives, elements of practice, mechanics and dynamics The objective view from neuroscience Direct benefits, their validation through evaluation methodology Systematic. Meditation as a superior tool for empowering leadership, the emergence of values ​​and the overcoming of the ego. Meditation as a tool for empowering self leadership translates into the reduction of entropy and the improvement of profitability. An interview, simply, exciting! A trip through the map of details on advanced meditation in business organizations and high performance.

Executive Meditation: conscience and values

An overflowing interview! Initially, there is a change of roles Josep M Clopés interviews Imma Arias, as a student of Executive Meditation and she offers a personal testimony of the first line that surprises and clarifies. As the meditation generates calm person and improvement in the decision making among a long list of experienced benefits. From a certain moment the interview takes a turn and Josep M Clopés develops, in a masterly way, the slow and deep change that generates the person the regular practice of meditation. As meditation is slowly generating a process of transformation in an increase of consciousness and the emergence of human values ​​that unite people and focus on the common good. How can we influence from the state of meditation to make things happen in your life? An interview full of colors and details of great wealth and interest to enjoy it.

Executive Meditation: the value of meditation in our lives

In this interview, Josep M Clopés addresses the value of meditation in our life, from many points of view. It describes in detail the own experience of the meditation, the personal resources and its implication in our daily life as a tool of transformation. As meditation trains you to operate from the field of consciousness and bring our intentions to reality overcoming the attachment that reside in our desires. It gives clarity to the differences between the different types of meditation. The value of structured training in learning to meditate. As meditation will be an authentic revolution within society and the impact on the development of the individual. An honest, open and spontaneous interview full of clarifying details and value.

Executive Meditation: Advanced Meditation and Neuroscience

In this three-person interview, Josep M Clopés, together with Jaume Esteve from the Area Mental Psychology Center, discusses Meditation and Neuroscience. In the interview, the concepts of Neuroscience, Neuro-Leadership and Advanced Meditation are thoroughly detailed as a powerful tool for the development of the mind and the nervous system. In the interview, Jaume and Josep M. develop a clear and profound explanation of the meditation seen from the perspective of neuroscience. We explain the neuro physical changes that occur through the practice of advanced meditation and how the benefits and changes in our behavior are generated by improving performance and our state of wellbeing and health. The difference between relaxation and advanced meditation. The direct benefits of the regular practice of meditation are reviewed. Objective measurements of neuro records that verify the levels of singular activity and the growth of alpha waves related to meditation states. A deep, wide and fascinating interview full of details that give a very clarifying understanding about the benefits of advanced meditation through the contributions of neuroscience.

Interview with Francesc Ibáñez about meditation as a process of continuous change

In this interview with three, Josep M. Clopés addresses with a real testimony, meditation as a tool for empowering change. Francesc Ibáñez is a business consultant with less than a year of meditation practice. Francesc addresses his real testimony honestly and with meridian pragmatism the benefits of meditation in his day to day and the process of transformation and personal improvement in: decision making, in uncertain environments and under pressure. Francesc explains how meditation positively affects our relationship with the environment and awakens the feeling of Oneness. Meditation develops the ability to calm the mind and allow the emergence of talent and intuition. Francesc points out how meditation generates a state of being “permanently attentive”. An interview full of details and flashes of clarity.

Executive Meditation: Meditation and health

In this interview Josep M Clopés addresses the relationship between meditation and health. Clarifies the effects of daily practice of meditation on our health. Meditation as a system of personal development compared to therapeutic systems. The factors that affect our health and how meditation offers direct support to the creation of our welfare state. Meditation as a fundamental tool for generating internal balance and improving our relationship with our environment. Meditation improves our decision making to find ways to improve our health and, at the same time, allows us to discharge daily stress levels. A fundamental tool to generate a fundamental state of health and achieve personal and professional success.