Executive Meditation: Meditation and neuroscience

(Audio in Spanish) A complex interview! Josep M Clopés is interviewed by Imma Arias on Radio Kanal Barcelona – RKB. Josep M. reviews meditation from the perspective of neuroscience. Review phenomenology and answer very specific questions: what is the subjective experience of people who meditate and how are people and different traditions and / or techniques different? What are altered states of consciousness? What are the different results between techniques and types? Josep M exposes the structural and functional changes related to the practice of meditation. It describes the changes that have been found at the neurological level for the practice of meditation and how they influence the state of well-being and health; and also the changes that occur in behavior. And more questions: What do EEGs and neuroimaging studies tell us? Do all techniques and types generate changes? The future of meditation – what will be the impact of meditation in the short, medium and long term on an individual and social level. A very complete interview.

Executive Meditation: Meditation, tools for post-confinement

(Audio in Spanish) A current interview! Imma Arias interviews Josep M Clopés after confinement due to the health crisis. The approach to the moment of finding an interior space of peace. Josep M masterfully approaches a reflection on the challenges of our society, crises, advances and setbacks, the imbalance of greed and generosity, the crisis of leadership, the emergence of talent, the path to success and the power of meditation for personal and social development as a way to overcome difficulties. Meditation as a tool for reuniting with ourselves and with nature. The conquest of individual freedom.

Executive Meditation: Thoughts

(Spanish audio) A great interview to savor, like a good wine! Inma Arias approaches meditation and thoughts with Josep M Clopés. What are thoughts? Where do thoughts come from? Do we think or does someone think for us? Are all thoughts positive or negative? What must we do to filter them? What are the criteria for positive thinking? … The thoughts: energy in motion. Flowing towards happiness! The creative intelligence that emerges and is transformed into activity in our daily life. The value of balance in our physiology and as with meditation we take our experience further to bring out our creative intelligence and build a state of fulfillment in our lives. Meditation, a tool for personal development. An interview that is a journey through knowledge, through self-knowledge full of brushstrokes where the colors of life are shown with value: meditation, thought, connection with ourselves, consciousness, the planet, sustainability, dating philosophical, the purposes, energy and meaning, our conversation with ourselves … Enjoy an interview that is a dialogue open to Knowledge. Essential!

Executive Meditation: The Enlightenment

(Audio in Spanish) A fundamental interview and revelation! Inma Arias addresses with Josep M Clopés a different way of seeing and approaching life. Josep M clarifies many concepts associated with the idea of the enlightenment. Define the characteristics of the lighting status. Our brain has the ability to touch the creative intelligence of the Natural law, enliven it and establish it in our daily lives. We open conscious perception to Cosmic intelligence. The materialization of the purposes. Meditation is a fundamental tool for the development of a deep state of connection with everything. To establish oneself permanently with this state of perception and full consciousness, is what we call, states of the enlightenment or Cosmic consciousness. The road to a new, more just, sustainable and powerful society. A brilliant and essential interview!

Executive Meditation: The Silence

(Audio) A fundamental interview! Inma Arias addresses with Josep M Clopés the value of Silence in our lives. Josep M clarifies many concepts associated with the idea of ​​silence in our lives. The understanding of total knowledge includes both activity and silence. Silence in our life is an opportunity to open our senses, listen to our conscience in its purest state and feel connected to the Universe. Meditation is a tool to reduce our inner noise and listen to consciousness. In silence you can hear the fibers of consciousness. The release of your needs, of desires, to be yourself. Listening to the silence of consciousness brings you back to the essential balance. Meditation as a tool, allows you to learn to listen to consciousness, place yourself in it, bring the values ​​of the basis of life, the connection with Nature and project ourselves from this level of balance and presence. An interview full of revealing details. A balsamic inspiration!

Executive Meditation: Meditation and Political Cooltura

(Audio in Catalan) An interview and round table with Sergi Àlex of the radio program and news of Cooltura Politica FM. The interview is conducted within the framework of the current policy. Together with five young representatives of the new generations of political formations, Josep Maria addresses the value of meditation in the political space. Questioned by Sergi Álex and these new values ​​(Jesús Martin, Gerard Rosell, Nil López, Pau Ferran, Xavier Mombiela) Josep Maria answers very objective questions that range from the value of meditation in political leadership, the inner look, the formation of the individual, how to improve concentration in demanding environments, such as performing under pressure, conscious values, building trust and how to meditate well. An interview full of details and richness that tries to offer a deep look at the value of meditation as a powerful tool within the framework of leadership for the improvement of consciousness in the political space. A formidable interview, very necessary and fundamental today. Essential!

Executive Meditation: the Yoga Sutras of Paranjali

(Audio in Catalan) A deep, complex and revealing interview. In an interview with three, Gaspar Hernández addresses with Josep M Clopés, along with Naren Herrero, journalist, writer and teacher of Yoga, the Aphorisms of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. What is the current value of these founding texts of Yoga? An interview of deep color, of knowledge about Patanjali’s philosophical vision and the transposition of his knowledge in the accelerated and technological life of the 21st century. Josep Maria proposes the path to the action of knowledge of Patanjali through Meditation and reveals the fundamental path to the consciousness of Unity. An interview full of twists and details of enormous wealth. Josep Maria predicts the next social revolution through neuroscience and biobehavior. The refinement of experience and the acquisition of knowledge. Gaspar, Naren and Josep Maria navigate through the deep meanings of Patanjali’s texts to reveal their knowledge through current language and look and their value in our daily lives. Formidable and essential!

Executive Meditation: meditation and the future of the human being to be more human

(Audio) An amazing interview! Josep M Clopés addresses a question What does the future of the human being need to be more human? Meditation as a tool for creating a deep state of connection with the laws of Nature within ourselves; the approach from different fields of philosophy and theology; meditation in all societies; meditation in western society as a response to everyday challenges; the perfume of Comic Consciousness. An interview of turns and precisions. essential!

Executive Meditation: Meditation is the technology of the 21st century?

(Audio in Catalan) A formidable and profound interview. Gaspar Hernández interviews Josep M Clopés (Executive Meditation) to address a new look at Meditation. Is meditation the technology of the 21st century? Josep Mª states that societies that intensely introduce meditation into daily practice as a tool for personal empowerment (leadership) will be more balanced, fair, sustainable and highly powerful. How can we address the challenges and expectations in the short term? Meditation, as a methodology implemented with physical resources (the mind and nervous system) allows the creative intelligence applied to problem solving to emerge effectively and efficiently. A powerful, dynamic and full of details interview that involves a meaningful view of meditation, beyond the transpersonal classic vision. A revealing interview!

Executive Meditation: Conscious Leadership

(Audio in Català). A powerful interview! In a three-way interview, Gaspar Hernández discusses with Josep M Clopés, along with Joan Quintana, Psychologist and Coach, the new leap in leadership: conscious leadership. Principles, integrity, open to intuition, energy, creativity, empathy, inspiration, talent; all this is part of conscious leadership. Josep M. addresses the challenge of conscious leadership from a broad historical perspective, from the recent past to the present moment. The bases of conscious leadership starting from oneself and represents a true quantum leap. The value of meditation in the process of personal development and empowerment of true leadership, conscious! As meditation transforms your look and perception to take charge of your life. The lack of leadership in the politics of the current times. How meditation helps the process of taking leadership to another level, beyond values, to the true higher level of leadership, conscious and connected to the laws of Nature. An essential interview!