Executive Meditation: Meditation and health

In this interview Josep M Clopés addresses the relationship between meditation and health. Clarifies the effects of daily practice of meditation on our health. Meditation as a system of personal development compared to therapeutic systems. The factors that affect our health and how meditation offers direct support to the creation of our welfare state. Meditation as a fundamental tool for generating internal balance and improving our relationship with our environment. Meditation improves our decision making to find ways to improve our health and, at the same time, allows us to discharge daily stress levels. A fundamental tool to generate a fundamental state of health and achieve personal and professional success.

Executive Meditation: Servycat, Meditation as a tool for improvement in the company

In this interview with four, Josep M Clopés addresses a real testimony of the impact of meditation on the company. Servycat is a company in the field of installation, maintenance and repair of industrial equipment with more than 250 people and 12 million euros of turnover (2016). Its owner, Antonio Castro, accompanied by his director of production Jordi Casas, expose with clear medium, the impact of meditation on the leadership team; specify the benefits of the practice of meditation in the daily life of the company objectively. They explain in what situation they were when they decided to incorporate meditation as a tool for improvement and the changes experienced; the generation of a state of personal well-being for the members of the leadership team, the emergence of talent (mental clarity, creativity and improvement in decision-making) and the improvement of the working environment. An interview of a real testimony in the demanding environment of a service company that has to answer 24 hours a day for 365 days.

Executive Meditation: Superior Meditation Program

In this interview Josep M Clopés describes to what level meditation can be carried out. Explain what is the evolution of meditation to develop higher states of consciousness. Develop the ability to operate from the most powerful level of the mind, the level of consciousness. As meditation in its superior form develops perception beyond the known limits and broadens our understanding of reality and pushes us towards a level of integral development of the personality, of self-realization. It addresses the relationship between meditation and current concepts of the power of attraction and the power of now. How do we make things happen? A revealing interview.

Executive Meditation: Promoting Change in Organizations

In this interview with three, Josep M. Clopés creator of Executive Mediation accompanied by a sincere and honest testimony that validates his training. Luisa Moral Calvo, lawyer and partner of the prestigious law firm Poch & Asociados Lawyers of Igualada. When Meditation becomes essential in organizations: creation of talent, generation of personal well-being and work climate. An interview full of details.

Executive Meditation: Meditation and Spirituality

In this interview Josep Maria addresses the relationship between meditation and spirituality. In it we review the philosophical historical view of the concept of the spirit, through Aristotle, Plato and / or the mink of St. Tomàs de Aquino in the Middle Ages and their enormous contribution, to parallel dimensions such as theology and philosophy; Josep María reflects on the personal and intimate experience of ourselves that leads us towards a relationship with Nature, with God and the conquest of freedom. Meditation as a tool for the development of our nervous system, the expansion of mind and consciousness; as well as a key tool to support the development of our spiritual concerns. An interview that inspires us and leads to profound and transcendent reflections.

Interview with Toni Calvet: Meditation as a tool of transformation

In this interview with three, Imma, Toni and Josep M address the changes that emerge from the practice of meditation through an honest and transparent testimony. How you practice it regularly, generates changes in behavior and improves our quality of life. It is an interview full of details about a process of personal transformation through meditation. A very inspiring interview. “Now with meditation I have learned to separate the grain from the chaff and to be aware of the unconsciousness of others when I see them uselessly expend energies in absurd discussions or dialogues.”

Meditation, technique, origin, training program

In this video Josep Mª exposes the origin and operation of the technique of meditation that teaches. He comments on the methodology for the development of the personality and attains a state of self-realization. It also points out the Executive Meditation training program, program structure and requirements. The value of meditation for the process of meditation and the impact on our brain, changes in behavior and improvement of our quality of life; The expansion of consciousness and the development of our nervous system.

Meditation and quantum physics

In this video Josep Mª describes the relationship between the subjective experience of meditation and quantum physics. We are part of the Universe, but the most important thing is that the Universe is within us. The path of disagreement between philosophy and science and they found each other in the 21st century. The discovery of the Higgs Boson. How meditation allows us to experience the energy field that creates and sustains the Universe. The answer within ourselves.

What is meditation?

Josep M. accurately describes what meditation is, what it feels like when it is practiced and the relationship between mind and body. The difference of the state of meditation and the techniques to produce this state. The liberation of activity and the process of transcendence. The emergence of talent from the deepest level of the mind. The difference of states of consciousness. The physiology of the state of meditation and the impact on behavior. As the daily practice of meditation transforms our daily life. Excellent understanding of the state of meditation.

Meditation and Business

In this interview conducted by Imma Arias on the radio show “Camí a l’Éxit”, Josep M. Clopés describes the value of meditation in organizations. It addresses the conditions of exigency that the managers are subject in environments of high performance, high responsibility and high levels of stress. The need for organizations to improve their results through improving the leadership of their teams. As meditation can be a fundamental tool in the personal improvement of managers and consequently, influence organizations. It addresses the emergence of talent and the development of the ability to calm the mind and propitiate the emergence of the creative potential latent that resides in our deepest level of our mind, through meditation in a systematic way. As the changes that meditation produces affect human behavior, improving decision making within organizations. As meditation can help improve the maturity of the psychology of the person. Excellent content to understand how meditation can be included within organizations and improve performance within them!