Executive Meditation: Thoughts

(Spanish audio) A great interview to savor, like a good wine! Inma Arias approaches meditation and thoughts with Josep M Clopés. What are thoughts? Where do thoughts come from? Do we think or does someone think for us? Are all thoughts positive or negative? What must we do to filter them? What are the criteria for positive thinking? … The thoughts: energy in motion. Flowing towards happiness! The creative intelligence that emerges and is transformed into activity in our daily life. The value of balance in our physiology and as with meditation we take our experience further to bring out our creative intelligence and build a state of fulfillment in our lives. Meditation, a tool for personal development. An interview that is a journey through knowledge, through self-knowledge full of brushstrokes where the colors of life are shown with value: meditation, thought, connection with ourselves, consciousness, the planet, sustainability, dating philosophical, the purposes, energy and meaning, our conversation with ourselves … Enjoy an interview that is a dialogue open to Knowledge. Essential!