Executive Meditation: Meditation and neuroscience

(Audio in Spanish) A complex interview! Josep M Clopés is interviewed by Imma Arias on Radio Kanal Barcelona – RKB. Josep M. reviews meditation from the perspective of neuroscience. Review phenomenology and answer very specific questions: what is the subjective experience of people who meditate and how are people and different traditions and / or techniques different? What are altered states of consciousness? What are the different results between techniques and types? Josep M exposes the structural and functional changes related to the practice of meditation. It describes the changes that have been found at the neurological level for the practice of meditation and how they influence the state of well-being and health; and also the changes that occur in behavior. And more questions: What do EEGs and neuroimaging studies tell us? Do all techniques and types generate changes? The future of meditation – what will be the impact of meditation in the short, medium and long term on an individual and social level. A very complete interview.