Executive Meditation: Meditation and Life After Life (Part 2)

(Video in Spanish) As a result of the great reception of the first part on this member and passionate subject, Josep M Clopés is again questioned by Imma Arias’ questions in the framework of the Tevecat Radio / Television program. Is meditation a tool that can give us certainty about life after life? Can meditation help us connect with people who are in the afterlife? To a direct question from Imma, Josep M reveals a direct experience of “lifting of the soul” at the time of transition of a relative on the deathbed. Details of near and dead-like experience are described, in a state of wakefulness and meditation. How the near death experience overcomes the fear of death. How meditation opens portals of perception that leads us to understand the mysteries of life and death. An interview full of details. A daring interview, about the mystery of existence after life.