Executive Meditation: Meditation and Contemplation

(Audio in Catalan) Impressive and powerful interview! Gaspar Hernández addresses meditation and contemplation in an interview with three in his space” L’Ofici de Viure “on Catalunya Radio. Together with Miriam Subirana, Josep M. Clopés addresses the challenge of meditation and contemplation through a powerful vision of the future of the role of advanced meditation in the transformation of our life and society. Meditation represents the activation of consciousness, we vibrate the consciousness in its purest state and we make the values ​​of intelligence emerge creative nature that resides within ourselves at the level of the conscious mind. Meditation is a powerful tool to take control of our life. Meditation represents a methodology of personal liberation. The meditation allows us to achieve source of the creative intelligence of Nature. We walk towards Self-Realization, Enlightenment, Cosmic Consciousness and Unity. An interview Essential!