Executive Meditation: Conscious Leadership

(Audio in Català). A powerful interview! In a three-way interview, Gaspar Hernández discusses with Josep M Clopés, along with Joan Quintana, Psychologist and Coach, the new leap in leadership: conscious leadership. Principles, integrity, open to intuition, energy, creativity, empathy, inspiration, talent; all this is part of conscious leadership. Josep M. addresses the challenge of conscious leadership from a broad historical perspective, from the recent past to the present moment. The bases of conscious leadership starting from oneself and represents a true quantum leap. The value of meditation in the process of personal development and empowerment of true leadership, conscious! As meditation transforms your look and perception to take charge of your life. The lack of leadership in the politics of the current times. How meditation helps the process of taking leadership to another level, beyond values, to the true higher level of leadership, conscious and connected to the laws of Nature. An essential interview!