Evidence-based benefits

Regular daily practice of advanced meditation produces proven contrasted benefits and ensures levels of improvement in mental powers, health and relationships with the environment. Many of these benefits are obtained in the short term, either immediately or during the training program, and accumulate in our bodies and mind.

Residential Program

It is a retreat for rest and meditation to be together, a beautiful and rural house far from the rumbling noise of the hustle and bustle of the city. The aim of the program is to have some personal time for rest and to recover a state of mental and physical balance in group living.

Transcendental Meditation Siddhi Program

The Transcendental Meditation Siddhi Program prepares people to bring their conscious states, so that they would be able to operate from a deeper level.

Advanced Meditation Program

It is a complete and solid training program to enhance conscious leadership through advanced meditation techniques.


“During this course I have routinely incorporated the practice of meditation, I have used the method to understand and understand its process. With daily dedication I am fully aware of the improvements that I have provided: clarity in solving problems, memory capacity, control of emotions and mental agility.”

“I have always believed that there are no coincidences in life, and in this case with more reason than ever, as to meet Jose Maria, almost accidentally, and delve together with my wife in the course of advanced meditation has been a real change in my life, and of course, no coincidence. I have the feeling of having started a road, without return, in the self-knowledge of my own abilities, with a dramatic improvement in my health, as well as an autonomy that seemed to be hidden, and which has finally emerged after many years of competing with myself. Now I share the view that we have a real that everyone should know about and grow with. I have only words of gratitude and satisfaction to say about this.”

“Meditation has opened to me a door to consciousness. It is a wonderful tool to use. With meditation I started down a path to self-knowledge and comprehension, of what happens to me and what’s happening in the world. Thus, it is possible to have perspective and take decisions day by day.”

“Making the course of Advanced Meditation, has been a very positive decision. He has allowed me to go into this practice, which I have been doing for years, I have been able to clarify concepts and integrate it in an easy and natural way in my life every day, this helps me to be more in harmony with Being and is giving me benefits in my personal and professional life, more assertiveness, efficiency, silence and joy. Thank you Josep Maria.”