Evidence-based benefits

Regular daily practice of advanced meditation produces proven contrasted benefits and ensures levels of improvement in mental powers, health and relationships with the environment. Many of these benefits are obtained in the short term, either immediately or during the training program, and accumulate in our bodies and mind.

Residential Program

It is a retreat for rest and meditation to be together, a beautiful and rural house far from the rumbling noise of the hustle and bustle of the city. The aim of the program is to have some personal time for rest and to recover a state of mental and physical balance in group living.

Transcendental Meditation Siddhi Program

The Transcendental Meditation Siddhi Program prepares people to bring their conscious states, so that they would be able to operate from a deeper level.

Advanced Meditation Program

It is a complete and solid training program to enhance conscious leadership through advanced meditation techniques.


“I have learned a way of fundamental relaxation, which allows us to release thoughts and relax the mind.

As one who does a stretch and sees the immediate benefits in muscle, meditation has allowed me to see very similar benefits, sleep much better, reduce stress, improve concentration, etc.

The brain, the great unknown, for the first time we are able to “work” with him and the great beneficiary is us.

For me the course is essential and has given me a knowledge that today is priceless.”

“In the advanced meditation course, I have understood, after many attempts, what meditation really is and how to practice it. I’ve run out of excuses that there is no time to meditate in. When I see every day that I live with more inner peace, more harmony and all that this implies in my life. I realize that I have finally found what I was looking for. What still amazes me is that so simple and so affordable a tool generates such profound changes.”

“Many thanks to Josep M. Clopés for his teaching, and helping us in this wonderful way on our journey of personal growth and development.”

“Meditation has changed my life. From meditating every day I am more connected with myself and with my life purpose. Meditation allows me to achieve mental calmness, relaxation of the body, inner peace, being more present for others, concentrating better, to expand the potential of the mind and to act from the consciousness on the day. Meditate each day is now a habit that accompanies me to live more consciously and achieve a more authentic, deeper happiness.”

“I started the meditation course, in a time of change of service in my work, with a great burden of stress and anxiety, meditation helped me a lot to be able to focus and reduce this stress. All the help that Josep María Clopés offered me, thank you very much for everything, especially for the teachings of this tool as valid as meditation, which has given me serenity, peace, and energy to better manage my day to day, both Labor level as personal.

‘A before and after in my life, it hooks you forever’ ”