Evidence-based benefits

Regular daily practice of advanced meditation produces proven contrasted benefits and ensures levels of improvement in mental powers, health and relationships with the environment. Many of these benefits are obtained in the short term, either immediately or during the training program, and accumulate in our bodies and mind.

Residential Program

It is a retreat for rest and meditation to be together, a beautiful and rural house far from the rumbling noise of the hustle and bustle of the city. The aim of the program is to have some personal time for rest and to recover a state of mental and physical balance in group living.

Transcendental Meditation Siddhi Program

The Transcendental Meditation Siddhi Program prepares people to bring their conscious states, so that they would be able to operate from a deeper level.

Advanced Meditation Program

It is a complete and solid training program to enhance conscious leadership through advanced meditation techniques.


“Regular practice of meditation has made a significant change at so many levels that I have noticed. As a result, I enjoy a better quality of life both physically and spiritually. I did the course at the time when the demands of work at a vital moment that I was living in, made me work in “survival mode” and I finished the course with enthusiasm, energy and inner peace to cope with my work and my life and the feeling of having a little left over to open up new paths. Frankly, I’m very glad I was able to have access to this knowledge from the point of view so objective and (well) documented, by the hand of a master with such an extensive experience and being capable to communicate it (all).”

“While I already intuited the value of meditation, when I started to meditate in a systematically way, I found that it was so powerful that I decided to include it not only as a practice for creating a state of personal well-being, but also as a real valuable tool for the development of my professional activity; creative intelligence power and performance in such a way that I have implemented within the developmental processes of the project to enhance and guarantee the performance, productivity and the uniqueness of the creative process. This process depends on the resources of individual talents and of the team, and meditation gives me an increase in mental powers, creativity and effectiveness. I have found that it is a tool that makes me more competitive against a very demanding market in the level of quality and response times. I have also seen improvements in creating a good working environment among our employees, which integrates values such as serenity, clarity, positivity, effective management of conflicts, time, decision making, etc., to cite some I have found relevant.”

“There are many studies that say that meditation reduces stress levels, improves health and mental acuity … which to me has given me a new perspective and a change of attitude and consequently my life has experienced a higher degree of happiness, increased self-awareness and self-esteem and a deeper understanding of my personal universe. I think the purpose of life is spiritual growth, and I discovered that meditation is a great way to dignify our existence.”

“Through meditation I have experienced increased energy and greater calmness and clarity when making decisions every day.”